Flamebreaker Armor Location in Zelda TOTK

Flamebreaker Armor Location TOTK – There’s a bunch of armor sets in the game, different armor sets provide you with other perks, and there are also some areas in the game for which you might have to get your hands on a specific piece of equipment to gain access or survive in the area. One such item happens to be the Flamebreaker Armor. This armor can access locations like Death Mountain, making it quite useful.

Hence in this article, we’ll guide you to where you can find the Flamebreaker Armor in Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom; keep reading!

Flamebreaker Armor Location in Zelda TOTK

Death Mountain has many areas that are constantly on fire, making it a bit difficult for you to access them, but if you’ve got Flamebreaker armor, you can get resistance against fire. You’ll easily be able to survive through or explore the areas. In this scenario, you could also opt for a fire-resistant elixir, but you’d be better off with the Flamebreaker Armor.

The Flamebreaker Armor in the game can be bought from an armor shop in Goron City. It is straightforward to make it to the city and then the shop; however, purchasing this piece of armor might require you to spend a decent amount of rupees/ in-game money. 

Goron City

This shop can be found in the northeastern region of the map, specifically west of Death Mountain in Goron City. If you’ve already seen the Marakuguc Shrine and explored this area, you can fast-travel to it; if not, here’s where you’ve got to go. 

Enter Goron City and start heading towards the city’s west side. You’ll come across many shops, but you’ll easily be able to differentiate between them and the Armor shop by an NPC outside the shop having a snack. Further, the shop is in a small cave, so that shouldn’t be too hard to miss!

Enter the shop and locate the Flamebreaker set, but, as we’ve mentioned earlier, the piece of armor is quite expensive to purchase. Here are the prices:

  • Flamebreaker Boots: 1200 Rupees
    flamebreaker boots
  • Flamebreaker Helm: 1400 Rupees
    flamebreaker helm
  • Flamebreaker Armor: 700 Rupees
    flamebreaker armor

It could prove challenging to gather 3300 Rupees for this set early game. If you’re currently mid-game, it could be accessible. However, if you’re aware of the Duplication Bug in the game, you can make a lot of money by it; we’ve composed a guide on the same, be sure to check it out.

Perks of the Flamebreaker Armor Set

You can wear all purchased Flamebreaker Armor sets to unlock the “Complete fire and heat” achievement. On the other hand, you can mix any part of this particular armor set with others to create low fire resistance and other perks that come with the different armor sets you’ve opted for. 

Further, if you’ve managed to get this armor piece early game and are just starting to explore fire and heat regions, we highly suggest that you go out hunting for fireproof lizards and prepare some fireproof elixirs. Nevertheless, the purchase is worth the money because it is the game’s best flame-resistant equipment! 

So that was everything we had on where you could find the Flamebreaker armor set in Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom.

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Last Updated on June 1, 2023

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