Fix Sniper Elite 5 Cant find players and Infinite Search error

Sniper Elite 5  is a third-person tactical shooter game based on stealth and engagement mechanics. The game has been published and developed by Rebellion Developments. It is mainly a sequel to the already famous Sniper Elite 4, and this is their fifth installment in the Series.

The Sniper Elite Series is primarily known for its highly unique gun play, with the game’s core feature focusing on bullet-time Slow motion. Such advanced weapon handling and shooting made the Sniper Elite Series viral among Third-person Shooter fans. You can assassinate high-ranking Nazi Generals and perform different trick shots to take down the enemies. You will also be tasked with gathering enemy intel on large and open maps.

This highly anticipated game will be available on PC and consoles, and Sniper Elite 5 will be sticking to its core elements that made this franchise a vast success. Rebellion plans to extend and improve the game’s overall experience in this installment.

Sniper Elite 5 features both Coop and Multiplayer modes, and not being able to find players to play with can be annoying at times. The game features a great coop and multiplayer modes like Survival modes, Player versus Player modes. But sometimes, it is frustrating when an online match refuses to start, and you have to sit and wait for that endless searching to end so that you can start with a game. We faced similar issues in the game, so this article will guide you on fixing the infinite player search and can’t find players in Multiplayer mode in Sniper Elite 5.

cant find players in sniper elite 5 fix

Can’t find Players in Online Mode

We can’t get games to run smoothly from the very first day onwards. Things like that don’t happen anymore. And Sniper Elite 5 is no exception. It comes with great gameplay and graphics, but it also comes with a basket full of glitches, lags, and stutters. The multiplayer and the online experience also suffer a lot due to these issues. The devs are constantly rolling out updates to fix the known issues. Update the game entirely and if the matchmaking issues persist, try the following ways.

  1. Check if the crossplay is enabled.
    It will let you interconnect with the PC and Console Players, thus allowing more possibilities of getting teammates.
  2. Add other players as friends
    Add new players as friends in the game so that you can start with them if the Online queue is populated
  3. Choose from a wide range of matches
    Instead of selecting only a specific game mode, toggle that option to ‘Any’ to get through any matches. You always might not end up with the game mode you love, but you will be able to play the game on the less populated servers.

Sniper Elite Infinite Search Fix

You can try doing the following things to fix the infinite Search in Sniper Elite 5.

  1. Try rebooting the game.
    Sometimes a complete shutdown and restarting of a game can fix many bugs and issues. Always try rebooting the game before matchmaking for the first time.
  2. Try joining a different game mode
    Sometimes widening your matchmaking to “Any” helps fix the infinite search bug.
  3. Check Sniper Elite Servers
    Keep an eye on the Sniper Elite V’s Twitter account to get updates on whether the game servers are down or not. They update everything on their Twitter handle.

If you are still getting errors in joining online matches, you can send a support ticket to Rebellion for more help.

If you think this guide has helped you, let us know in the comment section below. And for more Sniper Elite 5 guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We cover every single technical issue of the game from the launch day. Good luck!

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Last Updated on May 28, 2022

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