Fix NBA 2K23 Won’t Launch and Crashing at Startup

2K’s NBA is the best basketball game, hands down, and is back again with their latest installment for this year called the NBA 2K23.

It is a Simulation Sports Game developed by Visual Concepts and published by none other than 2K. This game comes under the NBA 2K Franchise, and this year, the game is loaded with better content, graphics, and gameplay.

You can showcase your NBA Talents in My Career mode while pairing with the NBA Legends in the My Team mode. The game has been released on all major platforms. PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox and Nintendo consoles.

NBA games are highly anticipated, and this year’s NBA 2K23 is not an exception as well. We have a vast amount of players playing the game and enjoying it. Even we are enjoying it as well.

As mentioned earlier, we feel that the NBA is faster-paced than FIFA and enjoy fast-paced sports games while sitting on a couch. On Consoles, NBA is a big hit, but the game hasn’t received much appreciation, although the game runs well on both Consoles and PCs.

Anyway, not everyone will experience the way we experience the game because of many factors. We have had constant reports about the game crashing almost on all platforms. This might be because of the launch error tied to the game.  So this article will guide you on how to fix the game that won’t launch and crash at startup issues in NBA 2K23.

Fix NBA 2K23 Won’t Launch or Crashing at Startup for PS5 & PS4

If you are constantly facing crashing issues on the console you are playing or if you are getting the CE-34878-0 Error code, then follow these suggestions to fix it.

Update your Console’s software

Check if your console is fully updated; otherwise, you will have trouble launching new games. If you have a PS4, go to the Settings menu and select System Software Update. If you are on the more recent PS5, you first need to go to the settings and select System Software. Then head to the System Software Update and Settings and click on Update System Software.

Clear your Console’s Cache

Cached data on your console means loss of performance. So it would help if you cleared it. All you need to do is turn off your console and unplug the power cord. Keep it unplugged for 2 mins, and then put it back on. This will wipe out any cached data that your console was saving.

Check if your Console is connected to the Internet.

Make sure your console is connected to the internet. Your game won’t launch or crash if it is not connected to the internet.

Delete the corrupted save files

For PS4 users, you can delete the corrupted save files, which can be one of the main reasons for the crash. To do that, first head over to Settings and

  1. Go to Storage
  2. Select Saved Data
  3. Select NBA 2K23, and click on Delete from the options menu.

Rebuild Database [Try this at your own risk]

Follow these steps to rebuild the database completely.

  1. Turn off the Console
  2. Unplug the power cord and leave it like that for a minimum of 5 minutes.
  3. Now plug in the cord and hold the power button.
  4. You should hear a beep and one more beep at a 10-second interval.
  5. After the beep, let go of the power button, and your console will boot into safe mode.
  6. When prompted on the screen, all you need to do is press the PS button on the controller.
  7. A list of options will be shown to you, and from that list, select the Rebuild Database option and click on OK.
  8. The Rebuilding Database process will take a few minutes, depending on your storage.
  9. After it’s done, try rerunning the game.
  10. Doing this, although risky, does save up your time on redownloading the 110GB game again.

Suppose none of the above methods works; then it’s time to reinstall the game completely. We are still testing the game. More fixes are on the way!

nba 2k23 crashing at startup

Fix NBA 2K23 crashing and launch errors for PC

If you are on your PC, you can try out the following methods to check if it fixes the issues for you or not.

NBA 2K23 System Requirements

Before doing anything, check if your system meets the minimum requirements.

nba 2k23 sys req

Drivers and OS

Update all your Graphics and Windows Drivers to resolve compatibility issues. Remember to always keep your system up to date to avoid any kinds of problems and also minimize the causes of NBA 2K23 crashing. The newer drivers will be better because of their compatibility and will also fix any types of Direct X or Direct3D errors in NBA 2K23.

Antivirus Software

You can add the .exe file of the NBA 2K23 game to the exceptions list of your Antivirus software. Alternatively, you can disable the antivirus software altogether.

Overclocking Applications

If you have overclocked your GPU or CPU earlier, then we think it’s time to tone them down because it can be a reason for the game to crash. We have reported that many games have been suffering lately due to software like MSI Afterburner. The game is light enough, so just run the game at your CPU and GPU’s stock clock settings.

Launch as Admin

Go to the installation folder, right-click on the nba2k23.exe file, and the Compatibility tab. Check the option “Run this Program as an Administrator”.

Verify the Integrity of the Files

You can face launch issues because of some corrupted or partly downloaded files in the game directory. All you need to do is verify the integrity of the files on Steam. Go to the Library, right-click on it, and select properties. You will find the Verify files option inside the Local Files tab.


If nothing works, it might be time to reinstall the game.

So this was all about how to fix NBA 2K23 won’t launch or crash at startup.

If you think this guide has helped, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more NBA 2K23 guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We will be covering every single technical issue and bug of the game. Good luck!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on September 9, 2022

2 thoughts on “Fix NBA 2K23 Won’t Launch and Crashing at Startup”

  1. I’m upset and disgusted that I bought this ps5. None of my 2ks work. Just bought 23 and it keeps crashing. Sony lied as well as 2k. Can’t explain to customers why we can’t play but some can. I’m switching to Microsoft

  2. Downloaded NBA 2K23 through steam. It doesn’t open. Verified files like I was told to do. It says everything is ok. Now what? Steve

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