Fix F1 22 Force Feedback not working

F1 22 no ffb – F1 2022 is finally out, and it seems to be doing quite well as of now. The number of players playing the game is nothing crazy as usual. But as a fan of racing games, I am loving it so far, and then again, it is common knowledge that the audience base for games like F1 2022 is quite narrow.

People, who like them, play them a lot. And people who don’t, tend to skip these releases. But whoever likes racing games, like F1 games, for sure. F1 2021 was quite successful, and we do have a couple of fixes written for them as well if you are still playing the 2021 version.

The PC launch of F1 2022 has been smooth so far, except for a few bugs and errors that are popping up occasionally. It looks like the Force Feedback feature is not working on the controllers and wheels of a lot of players. So this article will guide you on how to fix force feedback not working in F1 2022.

The Force feedback bug is not a new problem that players are facing. This bug also showed up in the older F1 Games as well. Check out this post from a Steam user:

I can’t seem to get the force feedback to work on my G920. The wheel feels limp with hardly any resistance. Identical settings from 2021.

I’m using the Logitech Gaming Software and not GHub. Perhaps that is it…..I will try GHub again.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Steam – PC.

Here is another post from a different user:

I am experiencing the same problem. I have the G29. Using my FFB settings from last year’s game, F1 22 feels incredibly weak.

Almost like there’s a massive deadzone in the middle and the car has little weight in the corners.

This issue specifically happens with players who are using the Steering and the Racing Wheels to play F1 2022 and a lot of players have reported that they are not receiving proper feedback when driving.

How to fix F1 22 Force Feedback not working

Now as FFB is not working, all the cars feel the same while driving and that is now how you should play a game like F1 22. Even though a lot of players have reported the issue, there aren’t any official patches to fix it yet. Although these are some of the fixes that you can try out.

Before we start, if you are a Thrustmaster T500 user, then this is bad news for you. If you are using a Thrustmaster T500, then sorry to say, T500 base is not compatible with PS5 Games. You can use the T500 on PS5, but only with PS4 Games.

Only these Thrustmaster Bases are compatible with PS5 Games : T-GT / T300 / T150 / T80. If you want some more insight on this topic, you can go to this link or this link[Thrustmaster Force Feedback Issue Master Thread]. There is a whole thread dedicated to the compatibility of Thrustmaster.

Here is the entire list of all the Supported Wheels and Controllers for F1 22: F1 22 Supported Wheels

Logitech g29 Racing Wheel

Let’s get to the fixing now:

Method #1 – Crank FFB all the way to 150 in-game

If you feel that the amount of force feedback you are getting is not satisfactory, then go to settings and set FFB to the max limit. Trust me, it will feel normal, and not overwhelming, as one would expect.

Method #2 – Configure Steam Settings

Go to the Steam folder and find the F1 22 folder. Inside the folder look for the Directx.exe file. Run it as an administrator. Also, set the configuration to 50 on the device.

Method #3 – Reinstall or reset the drivers

Try uninstalling and reinstalling your gaming wheel’s drivers. You can also reset it from the Control Panel.

Method #4 – Faulty Hardware

You should double-check if your Wheel is working properly or not. Also, try swapping the USB ports and see if it is working.

Method #5 – Tweak Game settings

You can check in the game settings whether your force feedback is turned off or on.

Method #6 – Tweak Damper settings of your Gaming Wheel

You can change the damper settings of your gaming wheel by heading over to the in-game settings and selecting the Controls, vibration, and “Force feedback” option. Then select your preferred gaming wheel and set the vibration of the force feedback within 1 to 15 depending upon your liking.

Method #7 – Relaunch the GHub

You can also try closing and relaunching the Logitech G Hub to tweak the settings. Relaunch the game once your tweaking is done.

If the above recommendations or suggestions didn’t work, then you have to wait until EA or Codemasters address this problem when they release the official patches for it.

If you think this guide has helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you are facing other problems with the game then try checking out our other guides on F1 22. Who knows, you might end up finding a fix.

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on June 30, 2022