Farosh (Lightning Dragon) Location in Zelda TOTK

Get Farosh (Lightning Dragon) Location – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a third-person action-adventure game developed for the Nintendo Switch Consoles. The new Zelda received positive reviews, and it is a must-play game if you have a Nintendo Switch Console.

You can use the rare materials dropped by Farosh in the game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to add shock effects to weapons and shields.

Read the following guide to learn about the location of Farosh, the lightning dragon, to get your hands on such materials. 

Farosh (Lightning Dragon) Location in Zelda TOTK

Anything that is registered in the Hyrule Compendium can easily be tracked with the use of Sensor +. So if you have it in your compendium, Farosh is registered; you can just set it as your sensor to track it. 

Probably the best waiting spot on the map to get to Farosh is the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. At the location, you can get a hold of Farosh from a distance when it is entering the Hills of Baumer Chasm. Further, you can use this tower to glide in the sky and head over to the chasm when ready to follow it.

Farosh (Lightning Dragon) Location in Zelda TOTK

How can you get the Farosh materials?

Here is a list of all the Farosh materials and how you can get them in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. 

  1. Shard of Farosh’s Spike: You must hit the Crystal Spike of Farosh.
  2. Farosh’s Claw: You have to hit the feet of Farosh to get it.
  3. Shard of Farosh’s Fang: You must hit the Head of Farosh.
  4. Farosh’s Scale: You will have to hit the Body of Farosh.

When Farosh hits these areas, you get different materials. You can use these to Fuse your weapons and shields to get the Shock effects added.

Shard of Farosh’s Spike

The Dragon Drops

All four items that have been enumerated above have a chance to drop. So if you want to have more of these, you can force a respawn by waiting 10 minutes. Till then, to speed up the whole process, you can use any of the Time passing methods. 

While waiting for a respawn, you must compulsorily keep the game running for 10 minutes and wait in real life. If you are opening your menu, note that this will interfere with your wait time for the respawn.

A few of the Materials may even fall: Like the other dragons, hitting particular places on the body will prompt the material drops. So, you can get the items by catching the spheres that fell off while you drive off the dragon.

How to jump on a Dragon?

How to jump on a Dragon in zelda

On the bright side, we usually have 2 Skyview towers around that you can use to lift yourself, look at the sky, and move quickly between the areas. Using Recall on a sky rock on the ground or using your Zonai Device to take flight by building a vehicle will help you get near the dragons.

As the dragon will be dropping scales when hit on specific points on the body, you receive horn and claw fragments on doing so. A new item introduced in the game, ‘Shard Spikes,’ can be picked up by you from the backs of the dragons. These make a rather great Fuse combination, as they will add significant damage and the eternal power of the dragon to the weapon.

If you can’t find the dragons on the ground and the possible surroundings, then it is likely that they are in the Depths. They often use their chasms around the areas as a part of their route to dive inside and then come out from the other end. 

Finally, remember that apart from the Light Dragon, dragons like Farosh, Naydra, and Dinraal will expel their elemental beams like the Lightning, Frost and Fire, respectively. Also, according to their elements, these dragons will have extreme weather conditions. So prepare accordingly. 

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about Farosh the Lightning Dragon Location in Zelda TOTK.

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Last Updated on May 20, 2023

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