F1 22 Controls and Key Bindings

F1 22 controls and keybinds –Looking for the controls of the Mouse-Keyboard of F1 22? Here they are.

Once you go through this article, you will have complete knowledge about the different keyboard controls and key bindings that you require to play F1 22. It is very important to know all the exact controls, or you would find yourself licking the floor, quite often

All the controls and keybindings given below are set by default and have not been changed in any way.

F1 22 Controls

F1 22 Controls and Key Bindings


  • Accelerate: A
  • Brake / Reverse: Z
  • Steer Left: ,
  • Steer Right: .
  • Pause: Esc
  • Gear Up: Space
  • Gear Down: Shift
  • Clutch: Space
  • Handbrake: F
  • Next Camera: C
  • Look Forward (On track only): Home
  • Look Back (On track only): End
  • Look Left (On track only): Delete
  • Look Right (On track only): Page Down
  • Replay / Flashback: X
  • Activate / Deactivate DRS: F
  • Pit Limiter: F
  • Radio / Voice Commands: T
  • MFD (Multi-Functional Display): Num 0
  • MFD Menu Up: Arrow Key Up
  • MFD Menu Down: Arrow Key Down
  • MFD Menu Left: Arrow Key Left
  • MFD Menu Right: Arrow Key Right
  • Push to Talk: S
  • Overtake: M


  • Navigate Up: Arrow Key Up
  • Navigate Down: Arrow Key Down
  • Navigate Left: Arrow Key Left
  • Navigate Right: Arrow Key Right
  • Accept / Advance: Enter
  • Back / Cancel: Esc
  • Extra Action 1: F1
  • Extra Action 2: F2
  • START Button: Tab
  • Left Trigger: F7
  • Right Trigger: F8
  • Left Bumper: F5
  • Right Bumper: F6
  • Right Stick Up: Home
  • Right Stick Down: End
  • Right Stick Left: Delete
  • Right Stick Right: Page Down
  • Menu Up: Arrow Key Up
  • Menu Down: Arrow Key Down
  • Menu Left: Arrow Key Left
  • Menu Right: Arrow Key Right
  • Left Stick Pressed: F10
  • Right Stick Pressed: F9
  • Special: F3


  • Car Setup Panel: F1
  • Pit Setup Panel: F2
  • Car Damage Panel: F3
  • Car Engine State Panel: F4
  • Care Temperature Panel: F5
  • Fuel Mix Increase: Unassigned
  • Fuel Mix Decrease: Unassigned
  • Brake Bias Increase: Unassigned
  • Brake Bias Decrease: Unassigned
  • Differential Increase: Unassigned
  • Differential Decrease: Unassigned
  • ERS Mode Increase: Unassigned
  • ERS Mode Decrease: Unassigned


  • UDP Action 1: Unassigned
  • UDP Action 2: Unassigned
  • UDP Action 3: Unassigned
  • UDP Action 4: Unassigned
  • UDP Action 5: Unassigned
  • UDP Action 6: Unassigned
  • UDP Action 7: Unassigned
  • UDP Action 8: Unassigned
  • UDP Action 9: Unassigned
  • UDP Action 10: Unassigned
  • UDP Action 11: Unassigned
  • UDP Action 12: Unassigned

These are all the Mouse and Keyboard controls for the PC version of F1 22. If you want to change the controls, then you have to go to Settings > Controls, Vibration & Force Feedback, and select Keyboard Preset 1. Make the changes and save the changes on a new Control Scheme. You cannot save the changes to the available Keyboard Presets.

If you think this guide has helped, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you are facing problems with the game, try checking out our other guides on F1 22. Who knows, you might end up finding a fix.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on July 2, 2022

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