Everything you need to know about Ramattra – Upcoming Overwatch 2 Tank

Ramattra Overwatch 2 – Now that the dust has settled after the somewhat disappointing launch of the highly anticipated sequel to 2016’s Game of the Year, Blizzard Entertainment has finally announced the next Omnic hero to join the Overwatch 2 roster, Ramattra.

In this Frondtech article, we will go over the lore behind the character, his abilities, and skills, and how to unlock the new Tank class hero – announced in the recent Overwatch League Grand Finals!

Lore and Backstory of Ramattra

Ramattra - Overwatch 2

We all know how rich lore even a PvP game like Overwatch 2 has. Ramattra is, in the words of OW2 Art Director Dion Rogers, “the beginning of moving the Overwatch lore forward.”

Originally designed as a command unit to lead Omnics into battle, Ramattra fought in and survived the ‘Omnic Crisis,’ an event alluded to by multiple heroes in-game.

After the war, Ramattra joined the Shambali, a clandestine order of Omnics, of which Zenyatta, one of the currently playable support heroes, was also a member.

Ramattra soon became resentful of humanity and convinced himself that coexistence was impossible.

Attempts at peace with humans were futile, and the already small number of his people dwindled. He eventually chose force, becoming the leader of the militant omnic liberation group Null Sector and declaring war on humanity.

Null Sector is in close contact with Doomfist’s organization, Talon, as hinted by the ending cutscene of Overwatch 1’s PvE event, Storm Rising.

Ramattra Abilities

Ramattra’s design is absolutely insane, and if we can expect similar aesthetics for future Overwatch 2 heroes, players are in for a real treat. Ramattra has several interesting abilities in addition to his excellent design. Let’s break down what we know about them:

‘LSHIFT’ Ability: Switching Forms

Ramattra, like the DPS Hero Bastion, can transform between two forms – “Omnic” and “Nemesis” with the press of the LSHIFT button.

The “Omnic” form is the default one, in which he has 450 HP and wields a “Staff Weapon” capable of poking ranged attacks.

Ramattra Omnic Form - Abilities - Overwatch 2

Transforming into the “Nemesis” mode, Ramattra becomes much larger and gains an extra 150 HP – losing the staff and becoming a close-quarters brawler like Doomfist. There is a limited duration before which you are forced back into the “Omnic” form.

Primary Fire: Staff/Fist

Ramattra will have access to his staff for the duration of his “Omnic” form. In the “Nemesis” form, this is replaced by his rather large fists, as seen in this in-game screenshot.

Secondary Fire: Barrier/Block

Ramattra, like Reinhardt and Sigma, appears to have a barrier ability in his “Omnic” form that can be used to mitigate damage. In his “Nemesis” form, Rammatra, like Doomfist, crosses his arms to block incoming damage.

‘E’ Ability: Vortex

Ramattra’s ‘E’ Ability appears to be some sort of ‘Vortex,’ capable of pulling down airborne targets and slowing movement within a radius.

Ultimate: Unknown

One of the few facts we know about Ramattra’s Ultimate is that it will be the same in both forms, implying that he does not have separate Ultimates for each form.

How to Unlock and Play Ramattra

Unfortunately for F2P Players, Ramattra will follow the same progression system as Kiriko, which means that he will be instantly available to play only for players who decide to purchase the premium Battle Pass.

However, if you decide to go the free-to-play route, he will be available at Tier 55 on the Free Battle Pass. Ramattra arrives with Season 2, starting December 6th.

That’s all there is to know about Ramattra, folks! We at Frondtech can’t wait to get our hands on this intriguing character when he joins the Overwatch 2 Tank lineup as the game’s 36th Hero. Let us know what you think about his design in the comments below!

Article submitted by ~ Soumyajit Mukherjee.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

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