Dyson Sphere Program – Controls and Key Bindings

Dyson Sphere Program controls and key binds – This guide will show you all the controls and key bindings of Dyson Sphere Program PC.

Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings of Dyson Sphere Program


Forward W
Back S
Left A
Right D
Move to Target Right Click
Give Multiple Commands Shift + Right Click
Gathering Right Click
Jump Space
Take Off Space (Double tap)
Flying Up Space / Arrow Key Up
Flying Down Alt / Arrow Key Down
Sail Fly Left Q / Arrow Key Left
Sail Fly Right R / Arrow Key Right
Sailing Mode Acceleration Shift
Sail Mode Unlock / Lock Cursor Tab
Activate Warp Caps lock
Confirm Build Left Click / Enter
Copy Selected Build Shift + Left Click
Close Panel Esc
Inventory E
Replicator F
Mecha Panel C
Guidebook G
Statistics Panel P
Technology Tree T
Details Display H
Planet View M
Lock the Camera to the North Pole N
Starmap V
Open Dyson Sphere Y
Game Menu Esc
Rotate Camera Hold and Move Middle Mouse Button
Camera Zoom in / Zoom out Mouse Wheel
Enter Construction Mode B
Enter Demolition Mode X
God Construction Mode Shift
 Rotate Building – Clockwise  R
 Take Items  Left Click
 Split Items Hold and Move Right Click
 Transfer All Items  Ctrl + Left Click
 Take any number of items of the same type  Ctrl + Hold and Move Right Click
 Hide UI  F11
Display FPS Shift + F12

These are all the default controls of Dyson Sphere Program.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2021

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