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Drang God Roll – The Season 17 update has brought a ton of content to the game. There are a bunch of new Exotics like the Trespasser, a ton of new powerful Legendary weapons like the New Purpose, Austringer is back, new activities, the new Duality Dungeon, and of course, Solar 3.0.

Yes, Season 17 is a decent update, but that doesn’t mean that it is free from problems. In fact, it has received quite a lot of criticism. Many players are particularly mad at the fact, that Bungie took out the Menagerie weapons, just to recycle them and bring them back again as a major ISP of an update.

Anyway, all the Menagerie weapons are back again in Destiny 2. And with that, the Drang (Baroque) is also back. If you ask me, with the correct roll it is an extremely viable weapon for the Solar 3.0 builds. If you don’t manage to get the Mini-Tool, then the Drang (Baroque) is your next best primary weapon that synergizes perfectly with Solar 3.0.

Drang is a 350 Rounds-per-minute Sidearm with a Magazine Size of 18. It is a Solar weapon, which means it goes to your Energy Slot. Let’s check out the stats:

Drang Season 17 version - Destiny 2

Impact 49
Range 35
Stability 60
Handling 71
Reload Speed 30
Reload Time 1.91s
Aim Assistance 70
Zoom 14
Airborne Effectiveness 21
Recoil 80


Before you start farming the Drang, it is mandatory to know about the God Rolls for the weapon. Here they are:

Drang God Roll for PvE

Now, people who would be farming the Drang (Baroque), are primarily going to farm for a PvE God Roll. The idea of a God Roll can be different for different people. If you ask me, then a Drang PvE God Roll should be:

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling – You get a nice +5 increase in Range, Stability, and Handling.
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds – Sidearms often tend to lack Range. Accurized Rounds will give a +10 increase.
  • Trait #1: Well-Rounded – With Solar 3.0, you will most probably be using your Grenade and Melee abilities a lot. Keep using them, and you will get almost 100% up-time on Well-Rounded.
  • Trait #2: Incandescent – This perk is the only reason why this Sidearm is one of the best weapons for Solar 3.0. With Incandescent, defeating a target spreads scorch to those nearby.
  • Origin Trait: To Excess – Fixed perk.
  • Masterwork: Range/Stability – Doesn’t really matter.
  • Mod: Full Auto Retrofit – Turn this Sidearm into a slow-firing high-damage SMG.

Drang God Roll - PVE - Destiny 2

Drang God Roll for PvP

  • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling – Range is needed for PvP. Hammer-Forged Rifling gives a nice +10 boost to Range, without any downsides.
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds – Sidearms often tend to lack Range. Accurized Rounds will give a +10 increase.
  • Trait #1: Eye of the Storm – You get a huge boost in Accuracy and Handling when you start losing health
  • Trait #2: Swashbuckler – I use my regular melee attack to finish off guardians, a lot in PvP. That is why I chose Swashbuckler over Rampage in this slot. You get instant Swashbuckler x5 with a melee elimination, which grants you a 33% increase in damage for 4.5 seconds.
  • Origin Trait: To Excess – Fixed perk.
  • Masterwork: Range – Obvious choice.
  • Mod: Full Auto Retrofit – This mod actually makes this weapon more consistent in PvP. Helps a lot if you are on the controller.

Drang God Roll - PVP - Destiny 2

How to get Drang in Destiny 2

To get the Drang (Baroque) in Season 17, you have to unlock the Opulent Weapon Focusing Upgrade on your Crown of Sorrows artifact. Then you can claim as many Drangs as you want if you have enough Umbral Engrams, Opulent Umbral Energy, and Legendary Shards.

You can also get Drang by opening Opulent Chests that are scattered across the Leviathan Derelict. You need Opulent Keys for that, though.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have any addition to make regarding this topic, then also you can comment below. And for more Destiny 2 guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. Good luck!

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