Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) Kakarot PC – Keyboard controls and key binds

Looking for the keyboard controls of the PC version of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot? Here they are

Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) Kakarot PC – Keyboard controls and key binds

When you first start the game on PC, you will notice that the controls are not working as you expect them to. And that is because they are not set to Mouse and Keyboard by default. Follow our control settings guide to change your control scheme on PC.

Here is a list of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot keyboard and mouse controls or keybinds:

Battle Key Settings

Step/Boost Spacebar
Super Boost B
Melee Attack Left Mouse Click
Ki Attack Right Mouse Click
Charge Ki / Surge R
Switch Movement Shift
Guard F
Z Combos N
Transformation Palette Tab
Support Palette X
Super Attack Palette V
Item Palette C
Palette Control 1 1
Palette Control 2 2
Palette Control 3 3
Palette Control 4 4

Field Key Settings

Walk Shift
Move Forward/Up W
Move Left A
Move Right S
Move Backward/Down D
Boost/High-Speed Dash B
Grounded Boost Flight H
Jump/Fly Spacebar
Roll (mid-flight) Left Mouse Click
Ascend (mid-flight) E
Descend (mid-flight) C
Search for Ki Shift
Target Cursor F
Ki Blast Right Mouse Click
Change Map M
Mineral Radar Q
Move Forward (hovercar) Left Mouse Click
Reverse (hovercar) Right Mouse Click
Switch View (hovercar) Tab
Swing (baseball) Left Mouse Click
Fast Forward Z

These controls are set by default. If you want to make any changes then you have to:

  • Go to Options
  • Press Q or E to navigate
  • Field Key Settings for Field controls
  • Battle Key Settings for Battle controls
  • Click on the Action
  • Assign the key of your choice
  • Press Esc to confirm

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also if you have any addition to make regarding this topic then also you can comment below. Good luck!

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Last Updated on January 9, 2024

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