Dragapult Weakness in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are basically two different versions of the same game. The thing that follows due to the same, are game-specific entities/activities. One such activity is the Dragapult Tera Raid, which is exclusive to Pokemon Violet players; however, Pokemon Scarlet players can also participate via the Multiplayer mode. The Tera-raid event is time-limited, meaning, you probably won’t be able to do them after a while. This raises a question as to how you could conquer the Dragapult Tera Raid in Pokemon Violet, hence:

In this article by Frondtech, we’ll be guiding you with Dragapult’s weaknesses which’ll make the Dragapult Tera Raid a lot easier for you, so without further ado, here it is:

Dragapult Weakness in Pokemon Violet

Dragapult is a Dragon/Ghost type pokemon that can appear in a number of Tera types, but the important thing to understand here is that it can be taken down in some ways too.

Essentially, counters to a Dragon/Ghost type pokemon would have Fairy, Steel, Dark, Normal, Dragon or Ghost-type moves. Another thing to note is that Dragapult is a physical-attack type pokemon, so your choice should be a Pokemon with high defense stats.

Dragapult Moves

Dragapult has a bunch of moves, the types are Dragon, Ghost, Bug, Water-type, and Fire-type, and in a Tera raid, Dragapult can use the following Moves:

  • Dragon Dance/ Dragon Darts/ Dragon Rush
  • Tera Blast/ Hex/ Phantom Force
  • Draco Meteor/ Sucker Punch/ U-turn
  • Hydro Pump
  • Shadow Ball/Fire Blast

Dragapult Abilities

Additionally, Dragapult will have three different abilities, which depend on which kind of Tera Raid you’re looking at. 

  • Cursed Body: Hidden ability which can disable physical moves of the opponent Pokemon, if a successful hit is landed. 
  • Clear Body:  This move will disable any move that attempts to lower Dragapult’s stats.
  • Infiltrator: This move is quite hard to counter as it’ll allow for Dragapult to pass through protective barriers and walls, in order to attack.

What this tells us is that the Pokemon you’d be choosing must have high defense, as mentioned, backed up by strong attacks.

Providing your pokemon some held items such as Booster Energy can further help increase the attack stat, or on the other hand, if something’s required for HP, you could give it Shell Bell or Leftovers. Some effective moves against Dragapult would be Play Rough, Helping Hand, Charm, and Sword Dance. 

It doesn’t stay limited to these moves though. Any moves that increase self-attack all while lowering the opponent’s attack would be effective. Curse, Bulk up, Belly Drum, Harden, and Iron Defense are great choices.

Finally, A good choice in countering Dragapult would be a Pokemon that can use Misty Terrain and Aromatic Mist and as for the Tera type, it is best to first have a look at what Tera raid you’ll be getting yourself into and then change the Tera type of your Pokemon accordingly. 

That’s everything there is to know about Dragapult’s Weaknesses in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more such guides, keep visiting Frondtech!

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Last Updated on January 9, 2023

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