Download size of Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta

Wondering what is the download size of of the newest game by Ubisoft, Ghost Recon : Breakpoint? Here is it.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta – Download size

How to download or access the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta?

Well if you had participated in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta registration then check your mail. You might have already got a mail stating that you have been granted access to the Beta. Here is how to access it:

  • Open your Uplay launcher
  • Click on “My Games” in the upper-left corner of the client
  • Click on the icon “Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta”
  • Download the game

How long will the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta last?

The starting date of Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta is September 5. And the beta will end on September 8. So you almost have more than 3 days to play this game as much as you want for free and form an opinion about it. Make sure that you explore everything before going for the purchase of the main game.

What is the download size of Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta?

Luckily I got my beta access pretty early and I have already started the preload. And according to the Uplay launcher the download size of Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta is 31.86 GB. But it is recommended that you keep atleast 50 GB free space for the beta just to have more room for future updates.

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