Doraemon Story of Seasons – How to catch Marlin fish

Wondering how you can get hold of the Marlin Fish in Doraemon Story of Seasons? Here is how to catch it.

Doraemon Story of Seasons – How to catch Marlin fish

Remember, you can catch the Marlin Fish from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM in the Morning only during the Summer Season. So you might have to wait for a while if the timing is not right. Lets go ahead with the guide. The steps to catch the Marlin Fish are as follows:

Marlin Fish Requirements: Summer Season, Morning – 6.00 AM to 12.00 PM.

  • Make sure it is the Summer Season
  • Check you time and make sure it is somewhere between 6:00 AM – 12:00 PM.
  • Begin fishing
  • Get some Fine Groundbait for the Marlin Fish as it will only increase your chances
  • Get the upgraded fishing rod
  • Throw the bait in the ocean
  • You will see a prominent and big shadow coming towards your fish hook. That is how you know it is the Marlin Fish
  • The Marlin Fish will take the bait
  • You’ve successfully captured it
  • Take it back to Cooper and proceed with the cutscene

During the fishing session you might end up catching plenty of Sea Bass. Be patient and you shall get what you are looking for.

Remember to give the Marlin Fish to Cooper as he will give it to Sandy as a bribe. If you give the fish directly to Sandy then you will lose your Marlin Fish.

And that is how to get the Marlin Fish in Doraemon Story of Seasons.

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Last Updated on October 23, 2019

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