Doom Eternal – Game looks Blurry – How to fix

Doom Eternal blurry fix – Is Doom Eternal appearing blurry for you? Here is how to fix it.

Doom Eternal – Game looks Blurry – How to fix

Why Doom Eternal is blurry

A lot of PC users might have already noticed by now that Doom Eternal appears to be blurry. Even with all the graphics settings set to ‘Ultra Nightmare’, it appears blurry. This is really disappointing as the system requirements of the game are really high. There are a lot of people who might have been waiting for so long to play Doom Eternal on their high-end gaming rig. But now all they have is a game with blurry textures and washed out colors.

The reason for this blurriness is that the game has no anti-aliasing setting, which is very surprising in a game like this. So it basically forces a really bad TAA or FXAA solution. People who are playing this game on 4k resolution might not notice any difference. But people who are on 1080p monitors are really experiencing the blurriness. So is there a fix?

How to fix the blurriness

Fortunately there are few steps you can take to fix the blurry textures: Here they are:

  1. Launch Doom
  2. Go in-game
  3. Open Settings
  4. Select Video Settings
  5. Turn off Resolution Scaling Mode
  6. Set Film Grain to 0
  7. Turn off Chromatic Aberration
  8. Set Sharpening to 15
  9. Now press the tilde or swung dash (⁓) key on your keyboard
  10. The console should come up on your screen
  11. Now type this : r_antialiasing 0
  12. Press Enter

Doing this will turn off the anti-aliasing that has been force applied in the game. Yes, you might notice some jagged edges here and there, but your game will now appear more clear with no blurriness at all.

The screenshot below is an example of how the game looks after the blurriness is completely gone:

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Last Updated on March 20, 2020