Does Sniper Elite 5 have Co-op and Multiplayer Support

Sniper Elite 5 Coop – Sniper Elite 5 is a third-person tactical shooter game based on stealth and engagement mechanics. The game has been published and developed by Rebellion Developments. It is mainly a sequel to the already famous Sniper Elite 4, and this is their fifth installment in the Series.

The Sniper Elite Series is primarily known for its highly unique gun play, with the game’s core feature focusing on bullet-time Slow motion. Such advanced weapon handling and shooting made the Sniper Elite Series viral among Third-person Shooter fans. You can assassinate high-ranking Nazi Generals as well as perform different trick shots to take down the enemies. You will also be tasked with gathering enemy intel on large and open maps.

This highly anticipated game will be available on PC and consoles, and Sniper Elite 5 will be sticking to its core elements that made this franchise a vast success. Rebellion plans to extend and improve the game’s overall experience in this installment.

But some of you may be wondering whether the new Sniper Elite 5 game would support Coop and Multiplayer features because of the impressive features the game possesses, like the third-person tactical action and jaw-dropping sniping experience, and a highly improved kill-cam. So this article will guide you on everything about Sniper Elite 5 Coop and whether there is a Multiplayer Coop Support in the game.

sniper elite 5 coop multiplayer

Does Sniper Elite 5 have Co-op and Multiplayer Support?

Yes, Sniper Elite 5 will feature an online Co-op Mode that lets you connect and play with other players globally. But please note that this game does not support local coop/multiplayer like split or shared screen. For the campaign, the game features two-player coop support, so you can bring a friend along with you to complete the missions, and this is the first time in the series that you will be able to trade your ammunition and supplies with your friend while giving commands and heal them as when required. We suggest you take a player with you when doing the Invasion modes.

The game also features an online PVP mode where you will be tasked with taking out another sniper on the opposite team. There are new changes made in the multiplayer progression as well. The new cosmetics, items, and weapons are not locked behind campaigns as mission rewards. You will be able to earn those as rewards by completing a set of challenges while being armed.

The Sniper Elite 4 featured two teams of six players on each side, but with the new Sniper Elite 5, four teams will have four players each, i.e. 4v4v4v4. The game modes include

  • Squad Match
  • Free for all Team Match
  • No Cross

There are five classes to choose from while having the Sniper Class as a default.

  • Sniper
  • Medic
  • Engineer
  • Assault
  • Scout

So this was all about Sniper Elite 5 Coop mode.

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Last Updated on May 25, 2022

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