How to get Patamon in Digimon Survive

Patamon Digimon Survive – Digimon Survive is a tactical role-playing game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Although the game is available on different platforms, it is mainly optimized for the Nintendo Switch.

It is based on the visual novel, and the game comes with multiple ending choices and features gameplay types like Drama Parts, Search Action, Free Action and The Free Battle. This game is primarily based on turn-based battles.

Patamon is a very adorable Digimon that was first introduced in the original cast of the Digimon Adventure Anime. The Anime features one of the best Digimon collections, including Agumon (the main protagonist’s mascot in Digimon Survive).

This new Digimon Survive game features characters from the Adventure Anime and the Patamon; they will also be a part of this game. So this article will guide you on how to get Patamon in Digimon Survive.

Where to find Patamon in Digimon Survive

You will be able to come across Patamon during the free battles in Digimon Survive. You will be able first to encounter Patamon when you reach Part 3 of the game.

Free battles are optional fights that you can take part in the game and remember that you are only taking part in these free battles if you are looking and interacting with the world map in the game. These free battles help you in leveling up your Digimon companions.

Unlike Angemon, you can come across Patamon earlier by getting him on your phone camera and engaging in a fight with him. Find him on the map whenever you are exploring the first-person mode. Always use the phone camera to track the distortions.

Once you interact with it, it will either reward you with a free item or you will find a shadow figure popping out. If you wish to engage with the Digimon, then interact with it.

Once you have interacted with the shadow figure, you will have to fight a random Digimon. Making Patamon spawn as an enemy is challenging, but it is worth farming for it.

How to get Patamon in Digimon Survive

Whenever you come across Patamon in Digimon, you can try getting him by talking to him. There will be a Talk option in the menu that will allow you to converse with the Digimon.

As usual, the Digimon will be asking you a few questions which you need to give the best answer.

How to get Patamon in Digimon Survive

Typically, Digimon will be asking you around three questions which you need to provide the best solution to fill up the satisfaction bar above them.

If you fail to recruit the Patamon on the first go, don’t worry, that is not the end of the world. Although rare, you will be able to find Patamon sooner or later in the game. So concentrate on giving the best answer whenever Patamon asks you the questions to get him quickly in Digimon Survive. Here is a set of questions that you must respond to get Patamon:

  1. “Whenever I meet a scary monster, I start apologizing. Weird, right?”
    Answer – You don’t want to fight.
  2. “What’s the most important thing to you?”
    Answer – Myself
  3. “I don’t care how tough you are; I’m not gonna lose!”
    Answer – I’m not going to lose!
  4. “Someday, I’m gonna run this joint!”
    Answer – Let me work for you!
  5. Why are the leaves green.”
    Answer – I can’t say!
  6. What do you do for fun?
    Answer – Climbing trees.
  7. Have you ever told a lie?
    Answer – Once, for a friend.

So this was all about how to get Patamon in Digimon Survive.

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Last Updated on August 3, 2022

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