Destiny 2 – Where to farm and decode Umbral Engrams

Wondering where you can farm Umbral Engrams and how can you decode them? Here is a guide:

Destiny 2 – Where to farm and decode Umbral Engrams

Where to farm Umbral Engrams

Here is how you can get Umbral Engrams in Destiny 2:

  • Contact Public Event : You get your First Umbral Engram after successfully completing the newly arrived Contact Public Event. Just play through the In the Face of Darkness quest.
  • Prismatic Recaster : Every time you level up your Prismatic Recaster, you get an Umbral Engram as a reward.
  • World Drops : Umbral Engrams have a chance to drop from normal activities inside the world of Destiny 2, just like other Legendary Engrams. You can get them from Strikes, Crucible matches, Public Events, Nightfalls, etc. The drops are not as frequent as normal Legendary Engrams though.
  • Season of Arrivals Season Pass : You can get Umbral Engrams by leveling up your Season Pass. You get one at Rank 7 and if you are a Premium user then you get one at Rank 52.

How to Decode Umbral Engrams

You need to unlock the Umbral Decoder in order to decode Umbral Engrams. And for that you will need to play through the In the Face of Darkness quest.

Once you successfully complete the new Contact Public Event as a part of the quest. Just visit Drifter and he will ask you to use the Umbral Decoder to decode your first Umbral Engram.

What are Umbral Engrams

Umbral Engrams are special Engrams that got added in Destiny 2 with the Season of Arrivals update. It is a nice touch to the game and players have been loving the addition so far.

The Umbral Engrams contain a wide variety of Legendary gear and you can actually customize the loot tables of these Engrams using the Prismatic Recaster. You can pick what type of Engram you wish to create from a huge list containing different types of Engrams.

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Last Updated on June 11, 2020

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