Destiny 2 – Where is Xur – Xur Location Today – November 21 2020

Xur Location November 21 2020 – Seasons in Destiny 2 come and go. But one aspect of the game always stays the same. We are obviously talking about Xur here. Xur is back and like every time he has brought some exciting Exotics for everyone. Now that Beyond Light is here let us take a look at the location of Xur and what new exotic weapons and armor he has to offer this week in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 – Where is Xur – Xur Location Today – November 21 2020

Who is Xur?

Xur, Agent of the Nine is an Exotic vendor in Destiny 2 who arrives every week at different locations. If you are new to Destiny 2 then let me tell you that Xur is the best source of obtaining Exotic weapons and armor in the game. Here are all the set locations of Xur where he normally arrives:

  • Winding Cove – EDZ
  • Hangar – Tower (Social)
  • The Tree – Watcher’s Grave – Nessus

The following locations have been retired:

  • The Rig – Titan
  • Giant’s Scar – IO
  • Barge – Watcher’s Grave – Nessus

Xur’s Location today

On the Tree – Watcher’s Grave – Nessus

Xur’s location on Nessus has changed after the Beyond Light Update. Here is his new location:

Xur’s Inventory today

  • Skyburner’s Oath – Weapon
  • Karnstein Armlets – Warlock Armor
  • Synthoceps – Titan Armor
  • Aeon Swift – Hunter Armor
  • Exotic Cipher

Xur’s Inventory last week

  • Lord of Wolves – Weapon
  • Chromatic Fire – Warlock Armor
  • Aeon Safe – Titan Armor
  • Raiden Flux – Hunter Armor
  • Exotic Cipher

When does Xur arrive?

Xur arrives every Friday and stays at his location for the next four days.

At what time does he arrive?

Xur arrives 10:00 AM PT.

Xur brings different Exotic weapons and armor every week which also includes Forsaken and Season of Opulence Exotics. He also brings Fated Engrams or Exotic Engrams that drop Exotic gear. You can buy the Fated Engram in exchange of an Exotic Cipher from Xur.

Now, a lot of you might ask whether Xur brings Raid Exotics or not. The answer to that is, no. Raid Exotics are exclusive to Destiny 2 raids only. So Xur will never bring Exotics like the One Thousand Voices or the Anarchy.

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