Destiny 2: Trove Guardian location – November 14, 2023

Trove Guardian, Nov 14, 2023 – Looking for the Trove Guardian or Knight, but couldn’t find him on Moon? Well, his location is not fixed and gets changed every week. So let’s see where his location is this week.

Destiny 2: Trove Guardian location – November 14, 2023

What is a Trove Guardian

The Trove Guardian is a Hive Knight that was introduced to Destiny 2 with the Shadowkeep update or Season of the Undying.

His body is red in color, and carries a huge sword, just like a Hive Knight. I am not sure how else should I describe him, other than a Red Hive Knight.

He was first seen at Anchor of Light on Moon, and we all thought that the location was his permanent spot. But we soon found out that he keeps on changing his location every week, but it is always going to be somewhere on the Moon.

Destiny 2 trove guardian

He has three set locations where he arrives every week, and these locations keep on changing every week. Here are the locations:

  • Hellmouth
  • Archer’s Line
  • Anchor of Light

Trove Guardian location this week

This week, the Trove Guardian is at Archer’s Line on Moon.

Here is his exact location:

Trove Guardian's Location on Archer’s Line on Moon

The location is pretty close to the spawn, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding him. As soon as he finds you in his proximity, he will rush towards you, anyway.

Trove Guardian Chest Location

The Trove Guardian gives players access to chests at different locations. Once the Trove Guardian is defeated, players will have to find the chest by completing a jumping puzzle. Before taking down the enemy, it is best to pick the character’s jump tree, that you are most comfortable with. It will make things way easier. You just need to know the platform locations.

  • The platform can be seen at the edge of the crevasse to the south in the Archer’s Line
  • The initial platform will be at the base of the hill next to the path where the enemy appeared in the anchor of light
  • In Hellmouth, the platform can be seen at the edge of the mouth that leads to the core of the Moon

Trove Guardian Location last week


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Last Updated on November 14, 2023

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  1. For those confused on where this enemy spawns:
    You’ll find him in the Anchor of Light area on the Moon, quite literally the first zone where you encounter enemies.
    Seems to spawn at the same rate as a HVT.

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