Destiny 2 Shadowkeep – How to get Edgewise – Vanguard Ritual (Pinnacle) Weapon

Shadowkeep or the Season of the Undying is finally here. And we all know that a new season means new Pinnacle weapons. But this time there are no Pinnacle Weapons. Instead, there are Ritual Weapons.

We are taking a look at Edgewise here, the Vanguard Ritual Weapon, and how to get it.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep – How to get Edgewise – Vanguard Ritual (Pinnacle) Weapon

What are Ritual Weapons?

Pinnacle weapons has been changed to Ritual Weapons in Season of the Undying. Bungie mentioned that every time they released new Pinnacle weapons, they ended up being extremely powerful in PvP and as well as in PvE because of their special perks. Take Recluse and Mountaintop for example. So the newly added Ritual Weapons will no longer have special perks and will instead be curated rolls.

How to get Edgewise?

The process is pretty straightforward but if you are new to Destiny 2 then let me tell you that you can get all your Vanguard Pinnacle or Ritual Weapon quests from Commander Zavala. So go to Zavala and claim the Legendary Quest known as A Loud Racket. And here are the quest steps:

  • Get machine gun final blows with a  and fill the bar to 100%
  • Get Solar final blows with any solar weapon and fill the bar to 100%
  • Earn points by defeating enemies to fill the Points Scored bar to 100%. Difficult strikes grant the most efficient progress.

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Last Updated on October 1, 2019

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