Destiny 2 – How to get Sun Blast kills and Masterwork or upgrade Sunshot Catalyst easily

Struggling to Masterwork or upgrade the Sunshot Catalyst? Don’t worry we got you. Among all the exotics I have Masterworked in Destiny 2, I have to say that upgrading the Sunshot catalyst is one of the toughest and it is highly time consuming.

And why it is hard? It is because of the sheer amount of Sun Blast kills that you need to get. And the biggest problem is you will come across very less instances where the enemies and grouped in together. That is why we have an awesome trick for you that will help you upgrade your Sunshot Catalyst in no time.

Destiny 2 – How to get Sun Blast kills and Masterwork or upgrade Sunshot Catalyst easily

Step 1

Head over to Hallows on Nessus. You can just spawn on Artifact’s Edge and take a rid on your sparrow from there.

Step 2

Drop down the massive hole

Step 3

Keep to the right and eventually you will find a enemy spawn point in the wall. The location is between the location of the Vex Spire Integration public event and where the Forge Saboteur spawns. Here is a screenshot showing the exact location:

Step 4

Wait there until a message pops up on the left side of your screen that says “enemy is moving against each other”. The “event” should occur every 5-6 minutes so don’t anywhere if the first run is over.

Step 5

As soon as you see the fallen come out of the spawn point just shoot 1 or 2 in the head and watch the chain of Sun Blast kills. Just sit back, relax and watch the explosions. Trust me, it is quite satisfying. Here is a video :


I was able to fully upgrade or Masterwork my Sunshot Catalyst in just two runs. Yes it is a bit time consuming but you won’t find a better and faster method than this. I am not sure whether this is going to be patched in the future or not. I hope it doesn’t because getting those Sun Blast kills is nothing less than a nightmare if you are doing it the traditional way.



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Last Updated on August 10, 2019