Destiny 2 – How to get Mindbender’s Ambition

Thinking of farming for the Mindbender’s Ambition in Destiny 2? Here is where you can find it.

Destiny 2 – How to get Mindbender’s Ambition

Mindbender’s Ambition – Weapon Description

The Mindbender’s Ambition is a Legendary or Purple Shotgun that was introduced in Destiny 2 with the Forsaken update. This shotgun is undoubtedly one of the best PvP weapons that you can get in the game and I don’t think there are many shotguns or even other weapons that are as good as this one.

Mindbender’s Ambition is an Aggressive Frame shotgun which means it is a hard-hitting shotgun with heavy recoil and it gains increased rate of fire after the first kill. But don’t let that heavy recoil thing fool you as this shotgun, with good rolls can become an absolute slaying machine inside Crucible.

It is a 55 RPM (Rounds Per Minute) shotgun with a Magazine size of 5. Now if you look at the stats of this weapon you might think that this weapon is not impressive at all as the range is pretty low. But that is not true as the damage output on this shotgun makes up for the low range.

Mindbender’s Ambition – Curated Roll

The Curated Roll Mindbender’s Ambition comes with the following perks:

  • Rifled Barrel
  • Steady Rounds
  • Opening Shot
  • Rampage
  • Masterwork – +10 Range

Mindbender’s Ambition – God Roll

Now the idea of a God Roll can be different for different people. If you ask me then a God Roll Mindbender’s Ambition should have:

  • Full Choke – For a tighter spread.
  • Accurized Rounds – For that +10 Range.
  • Slideshot – To increase the range even further while sliding. And the ability to reload you weapon with a quick slide is great.
  • Quickdraw – When the opponent is rushing towards you and you need to quickly switch to your shotgun from your primary.
  • Masterwork – Range

Where to find or farm for the Mindbender’s Ambition?

Now, getting the Mindbender’s Ambition is not an easy task especially if you are new to Destiny 2. Your power levels need to be high enough to be able to do Nightfalls. If you are new to this game and don’t know what Nightfalls are then let me tell you, Nightfalls are just extremely difficult versions of Strikes. If you go to The Vanguard from your Destinations tab then you will see Nightfalls on the far right.

In order to get the Mindbender’s Ambition you need to do a specific Nightfall. This Nightfall is called The Hallowed Lair and the final boss is known as The Fanatic. After beating The Fanatic you can get the shotgun from the final chest. But it is not a guaranteed drop and even if you get one, the chances of getting a God Roll is pretty low. So you might have to run the Nightfall several times before you can get one.

One more thing I want to make clear. I have seen a lot of posts over Reddit where people are asking whether they can get the Mindbender’s Ambition from Menagerie or not. No, this shotgun is exclusive to The Hallowed Lair and doesn’t drop from any other source.

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