Destiny 2 – Feather Locations – Hawkmoon Quest

This guide will show you the locations of the all the Feathers that are required for the Hawkmoon Quest in Destiny 2.

All Feather Locations in Destiny 2

Hawkmoon has finally arrived inside Destiny 2. But players won’t get access to it immediately as there is an Exotic Quest tied to it. So all you have to do is complete the quest and the Hawkmoon is yours to keep “forever”.

The problem is that the Exotic quest is not that simple. In fact the very first activities that you have to do in order to progress in the quest are a bit a tricky. You have to find 5 Golden Feathers that are scattered across different planets. But don’t you worry, we have you covered. Here are the locations of all five feathers:

First Feather Location – Search outside Spider’s Lair

So you pick up the quest from Spider at the Tangled Shore and the first thing you are asked to do is “Search outside Spider’s Lair“. And that is exactly where the first feather is. Here is the exact location:
Destiny 2 - Location of first feather - Hawkmoon quest

The feather is located right outside Spider’s Lair, on top of a crate. This should be fairly easy to spot.

Second Feather Location

To get the second feather you have to go to EDZ. Spawn at The Sludge in EDZ and head over to the exact location shown in the picture below:
Destiny 2 - Location of second feather - Hawkmoon quest

You should find a decaying or broken scaffolding there, as show on the picture. Jump to climb on it and you should find the second feather lying there.

Third Feather Location

For the third feather you need to head over to the Cosmodrome. This one is really easy to find. Spawn at the Cosmodrome and then standing at the exact location of your spawn, look in front of you. You will see a broken pillar. Climb on top it and you will find the third feather there.

As you can see, it is just right there where you spawn.

Fourth Feather Location

In order to get the 4th feather you need to go to the Dreaming City. Spawn at the Dreaming City and head over towards the building that you take to get to the location of the Blind Well. And right before you even enter the building, look left and you will find the fourth feather on top of the big archway. This picture shows the exact location as well as the archway:
Destiny 2 - Location of fourth feather - Hawkmoon quest

Fifth Feather Location

The final feather is located at the Shrine of Oryx at the Moon. Now I kind of realized that it is really hard to explain the location with the help of only pictures and text. So I decided to make a video for you guys. Here is the location of the fifth and final feather:

Those were the locations of all 5 feathers that are required for the Hawkmoon quest.

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Last Updated on December 9, 2020

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