Desperados 3 – How to fix Black Screen issue

Desperados 3 black screen bug fix – Experiencing the black screen issue in the PC version of Desperados III? Don’t worry we got you.

Desperados 3 – How to fix Black Screen issue

Desperados 3 has finally made its way to the launch day across all the major gaming platforms. The game has managed to get some decent reviews and the community is enjoying the game so far.

But some players are reporting some bugs in the PC version of the game. A bug that has recently surfaced and is happening to a lot of players, is the black screen bug.

The bug is causing the loading screen to go completely black. All you see is a continue button and nothing else. Some players are also getting a black screen with mouse moving normally after the Desperados logo.

How to fix this bug

A fix has been posted already on the official Steam Discussions page of Desperados 3. The fix is not from our side and has been posted by an actual developer of the game. Here is the fix he has recommended :

“First off, it seems you are getting stuck in a screen where logo videos of THQ and Mimimi Games should play. Somehow the engine cant play these videos on your system.

The first solution might be to install the
Windows Media Feature Package from Microsoft.
If this doesnt help, you can delete the two .mp4 files located here: <desperados_install_folder>\Desperados III_Data\StreamingAssets\bootup\
After that you should be able to reach the main menu of the game.

Note: You can find the <desperados_install_folder> by opening the “Properties” window for the game (right click on the listing in your library), go to the “Local Files” tab and click on “Browse local files”.”

Here is the link to the original post when the above fix has been mentioned.

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also, If you have found a fix that is guaranteed to work then also you can comment below. We will put it on this article. Good luck!

That’s all folks!

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