Is there Co-op Multiplayer in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 Coop – Dead Island 2 is a first-person action Zombie slaying game developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver. This is the game’s third instalment and continues from where Dead Island One and Riptide left off. The storyline occurs in Los Angeles and San Francisco and features experience-based gameplay with beautiful graphics and great game mechanics.

As Dead Island 2 releases on all platforms, Dead Island fans are filling up the Reddit forums about its coop mode and crossplay mode options. We researched a little bit and summarised the details on this blog for your help. Coop mode and Crossplay mode are standard in most games now, and it is interesting to see how Deep Silver implements them.

So this article will answer all your questions regarding Dead Island 2 and its online features.

Dead Island 2 Co-op

Dead Island 2 – Does it have Coop Mode?

Yes, the Dead Island 2 game features the Coop Mode. Once you have the platform decided (for our case, PC), you can play the game with two other players as the maximum team size while playing this game three.

You can select from a range of six characters or Slayers that has their very own personality and strengths. You can maximize team strengths by building your Slayer (hero) with the available mods or resources that you will find in the game.

Assemble your best zombie-slaying friends to get along and start with Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 – Does it have Crossplay?

To keep it short and simple, No. Dead Island 2 doesn’t feature any crossplay connections between different consoles and PCs. It means you won’t be able to join, or you can’t make people join your session if they are using a different platform.

For example, people playing on Xbox or PC won’t be able to play with the Slayers playing on PlayStation. However, the good news is if you are playing on the same ecosystem, you can pair up with your buddy.

For example, PS4 and PS5 players can team up, while Xbox One and Xbox Series X or S Players can. You cannot cross-save your progress if you have multiple platforms, and you will have to choose a specific platform to start or make progress.

So this was all about Dead Island 2 Coop and Crossplay Modes.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you are facing other game problems, try checking out our other guides on Dead Island 2. Who knows, you might end up finding a fix.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on April 18, 2023

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