Days Gone PC – Controller not working – How to fix

Is your controller not working properly in the PC version of Days Gone. Don’t worry, here is a workaround.

Days Gone PC – Controller not working – How to fix

Days Gone is finally out on PC, and the game seems to be doing quite well so far. A lot of PC gamers were waiting to try this “once PS4 exclusive”. There is no doubt in Days Gone being a good game. But that doesn’t take away the fact that this PS4 to PC port is flooded with bugs, glitches and errors at the moment. This is not surprising as bugs are quite common in AAA titles nowadays.

So it looks like controllers are not working properly for a lot of people. Be it an Xbox controller or a PS4 one, the controls appear to be bugged. A lot of controller users are not being able to turn left or right when on the motorcycle. Accelerate and reverse are their only options it seems.

Here is a Steam user explaining the scenario:

XBOX Gamepad problem
Can’t move left or right. Anyone else having this problem? I tried unplugging then plugging the controller back in, etc. Nothing yet

Though the user has only mentioned the Xbox controller, PS4 controller users are also having the exact same issue. So it there a fix?

How to fix the controller bug

Though there isn’t any firm fix for this bug, as that is something the developers have to figure out. Many users have figured out a workaround, and it actually works! Here is how it works:

  1. Access the steam controller configuration
  2. If you’re in-game, press Shift+tab, then click on controller configuration on the top right
  3. If you’re not in-game, then go to your library, right click on Days Gone > Manage > Controller
  4. Once you’re in the configuration page, click on “ON FOOT” on the top, and “ON BIKE” should
    pop up
  5. Click on “ON BIKE” and you’ll notice that the left thumbstick is blank
  6. Change the left thumbstick to movement, click done and close the config page, and you should be able to steer the bike now

Click here to check out the Official Steam Discussions page of Days Gone.

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on May 18, 2021

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