Days Gone – No Sound Bug – How To Fix

Bugs and glitches have become an unavoidable part of every AAA game nowadays. Not even a single AAA title has managed to launch without problems till now in 2019. Days Gone is nothing different.

To encounter bugs in a game that is exclusive to a single gaming platform is quite a shame. A recent bug in Days Gone is causing a lot of in-game sounds to go completely missing. Here is how to fix the no sound bug in Days Gone:

Days Gone – No Sound Bug – How To Fix

What is the no sound bug in Days Gone?

It is a bug or glitch that is causing players to not hear a lot of key sounds in Days Gone. From your bike to approaching Freakers, players are complaining that they are unable to hear anything. Days Gone is a completely single player title, so you are supposed to survive in the game all by yourself and there isn’t much help you can get. If you do not get to hear sounds from key areas then you will end up in a lot of trouble.

How to fix the no sound bug in Days Gone?

Looks like there are only two fixes to this bug as of now. There hasn’t been any response from the developers, so it is hard to say when can we expect a permanent fix. The first thing you can try to do is just restart your game once. And the audio should be back immediately.

The second thing you can try to do is just unplug your headset once and plug it back in. Try the second fix first and if it doesn’t work then go to the first fix. We know that these are not permanent fixes, and you might encounter the bug again, but there is not much we can do here. Hopefully the developers will patch this glitch soon.

You are good to go!

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