Dauntless – How To Get Dyes Or Colors For Free

You can color your armor pieces in Dauntless to make your character suit your preference. We have already put up a guide showing how to color or change skins of your weapons and armor, check it out if you want.

Now most of the dyes or colors available in Dauntless at the moment can be only purchased via the in-game premium currency known as Platinum. But are there dyes that can be unlocked for free?

Dauntless – How To Get Dyes Or Colors For Free

Is there a way to unlock Dyes or Colors for free in Dauntless?

Yes, colors or dyes can be unlocked without using Platinum or premium currency in Dauntless. The easiest way is obviously purchase via Platinum but Dauntless offers plenty of other ways to obtain dyes or colors. And they are free.

How to unlock Colors or Dyes in Dauntless for free

There are currently two ways with which you can get colors by actually playing the game in Dauntless. These methods do not require you to spend any money in the game.


There are certain dyes or colors in Dauntless that you can get by just completing quests.

Just go to your Quest Log and check whether you have quests that reward you with dyes. In order to find out if there is a dye reward in any quest just click on your quests and check under ‘Rewards’.

Heroic Behemoths

You can also get dyes or colors by hunting Heroic Behemoths. Though the drops are completely random, the grind is worth it because the dyes you get from heroic behemoths are way better than the dyes you get from quests. Also remember that despite Shrowd and Rezakiri not being Heroic behemoths, you can still get them to drop dyes because there are endgame behemoths.

You are good to go!



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Last Updated on May 30, 2019

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