Dauntless Crafting Guide – How To Craft New Swords And Other Weapons

Weapons are one of the most important aspects of Dauntless. If you want to survive longer in a fight then you need to have all sorts of weapons. There is a weapon for every situation so to need have them all. And how do you get new weapons in Dauntless? You craft them.

The more you progress in the game the more you will find yourself crafting weapons. Here is how to craft new weapons in Dauntless:

How to craft new weapons in Dauntless

  • As soon as you land in Ramsgate, go South-West

  • Follow the stairs and go all the way up

  • As soon as you reach the top, look to your right. You will see a guy called Wils Bormen standing at a distance. He is the weaponsmith.

  • Interact with him by holding E or your interact button

  • Select Crafting

  • Select the weapon card of the weapon you want to craft. You can craft swords, chain blades, hammers, axes, scythes and war pikes here. You cannot craft a Repeater or a gun here

[Note: You need to earn weapon cards first to be able to craft new weapons in Dauntless. Weapons cards are like blueprints that you earn by completing various quests and defeating behemoths.]

  • Make sure you have the resources required to craft that particular weapon. If you don’t have enough then you won’t be able to craft your weapon

  • Now just select Create

  • Once you have successfully managed to craft your weapon, you can directly equip it from there

  • You can go to your loadout to find the weapon you just crafted, in case you want to equip it later

You are good to go!

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That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on March 17, 2024

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