Dauntless – Behemoth Health Bar – How To Check Health Of Behemoths

Wondering why the Behemoths is Dauntless do not show their health during hunts? Is there any way to actually check their health during a fight?

Why Behemoths do not have health bar in Dauntless?

The reason you don’t see how much health is left of the Behemoth you are fighting is because the game doesn’t want you to see. If you notice carefully, the movement of the behemoths in Dauntless is a lot similar to the animals we see in real life. The game wants every hunt of yours to feel like a real one. The developers feel that the game would become a lot easier if they add a health bar. And the players would start focusing on the health bar instead of the behemoth.

Is there a way to check the health of the Behemoths?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to know the health percentage of a Behemoth during a fight. As we told you before, the game wants your hunts or fights to feel like a real-world experience.

You need to constantly focus on the state that the behemoth is in. Check if scars or wounds have started to appear all over his body. That is how you know how much fight is left in him. This way the fight will give the feeling of a real hunt instead of just a boss battle. The higher the number of wounds on the behemoth, the lesser his health.

An obvious way of knowing that the behemoth has lost half of his health is when the first phase of the hunt is over or when he flees from the location to another one.

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Last Updated on March 17, 2024

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