Cyberpunk 2077 – Dream On Quest Bug – How to fix

Cyberpunk 2077 Dream On bug – It looks like the “Dream On” quest is getting bugged for a lot of players in Cyberpunk 2077. Here is how to fix it.

The Dream On quest is bugged in Cyberpunk 2077

What is this bug all about

It has been almost two weeks since Cyberpunk 2077 got released and I have to say, this is probably one of roughest launches I have ever seen in my life. I really don’t want to go into the details again. Because I am pretty sure the whole world knows at this point, that what is going on.

The game already has a lot of bugs and there are more popping up every day. But I am specifically talking about the Dream On mission bug here. There is a part in the mission when you are asked to “Follow the Cables“. And this is where the mission is getting bugged. According to the players who are experiencing this bug, the next steps for the mission are not coming up even after following the cables.

cybepunk 2077 - dream on bug - follow the cables

Here is a proper description of the bug by a CDPR Forum user called /zodiaxzz:

Currently doing the dream on quest and I completed the step in the quest but it doesn’t seem that the game is recognizing that I did thus not allowing me to move forward with the quest. I tried exiting the game and restarting it with no success, any one know any ways around this?

There are a lot of comments from others players who are experiencing the same issue on the post. Here is one from /Khelsi_OReilly:


Same here. I’m stuck in “.. follow the cables..”. I already followed them, scanned the things you’re supposed to scan, and got the get out of the apartment part. but when I get outside, there is no further pointer or tracker, only the one from “follow the cables”.

What I did so far was: reloading a previous save and restarting the game, but no changes. Please advise.

CDPR said that they have already fixed most of the bugs with the lastest v1.05 patch. But looks like, they were either not telling the truth or they forgot about this. I can only imagine how frustrating this is.

How to fix the Dream On bug

Update : Patch 1.07 will be out soon. We will post the Patch Notes here.

The good news is, there is already a fix for this bug. And so far it has worked for most of the players who have tried it.

This fix was suggested by CDPR Forum user /McRaoul:

For anyone stuck on “follow the cables”, You’re supposed to find the hidden room first, then the antenna on the roof. CD Project Red didn’t take into account that you can actually find the antenna before the hidden room by climbing on the outside of the house. This game just seems rushed tbh. Just reload, find the hidden room, climb the ladder and scan the antenna and you’ll be golden.

Another user called /Jenn_Zed has elaborated the fix even further:

I had the same ‘follow the cables’ bug too as I found the room and the transmitter on the roof before scanning objects for other parts of the mission.

So, I loaded up an earlier autosave, when I first spoke to Elizabeth about looking around the apartment. I then scanned the plastered over bullet holes in the hallway wall and the first bloodstain on the floor, went to the SSI Security room downstairs, got the pass code from one computer and opened the secret door on the second computer, then went back upstairs, found the next set of bloodstains, scanned the Smart Glass wall panel, then went into the secret room, scanned the First Aid box and after Elizabeth got her headache, I scanned the ‘mysterious’ tech on the wall and then followed the cables up to the roof and onto the UHF Transmitter.

The mission completed every step when done in this order.

I’m about to leave the apartment and find the van.

Here is a link to the original post. You will find a lot of players commenting on it.

You can obviously wait for CDPR to release an official fix. But considering how bad the situation is for them right now, I wouldn’t count on that. Also, if the fix ends up working for you, please let everybody know in the comment section below.

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. And for more Cyberpunk guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We will be covering every single technical issue and bug of the game. Good luck!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on January 14, 2021

2 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Dream On Quest Bug – How to fix”

  1. Iam having trouble trying to get a away from the van after I lik to it iam stuck between the van and a lift no matter what I try I get around it and I try saving and iam still in the same spot what do I do to move on

  2. The solution by Jenn_Zed worked for me on the PC version. Only thing I skipped was scanning the medicine box because I couldn’t locate that.

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