Curiosity Shop Location in Forspoken

Curiosity shop location forspoken – The Curiosity Shop plays quite an important role as you progress through the storyline. There’s a limited-use currency in the game termed as Old Coins, it is so, due to the fact that those coins were the currency of the realm of Athia, before the Break took over. Even due to the same, some places in the game do still accept Old Coins, and one of these places would be the Curiosity Shop. You’ll find a bunch of important stuff here. Hence, keep reading as we cover the concept and location of the Curiosity shop in the game Forspoken.

Curiosity Shop Location in Forspoken

At the early stage of the storyline, old coins won’t have much use. You’ll only be able to use them for the Bookstore in Cipal. The bookstore does have some uses, though, we’ve got to give it that. For instance, you can purchase certain books here that would allow for you to implement some upgrades to your gear, given you’re at or near a crafting table in the city. But as you progress through, these coins seem to gain a bit of importance in the game. 

The Curiosity shop makes its debut at a quite later stage in the game, precisely when you’ll be receiving your last set of spells that belong to Olas. Here is how to find it:

  1. Once you’ve entered the land of Visoria, make your way towards the South of the Visoria Castle Town.
  2. Now, find and head toward the section of the map that’s termed as Inner Visoria.
    Curiosity Shop Location in Forspoken
  3. Here, you’ll find a symbol on the map that depicts two arrows, next to the mountains, this is precisely the Curiosity Shop’s location.

Curiosity Shop Items

Curiosity Shop Items in Forspoken

The Curiosity shop contains the following items for anyone to purchase:

  • Sewing Kit – 64 Old Coins
  • Crafting Plot – 24 Old Coins
  • Gravity Lantern – 16 Old coins
  • Comfy Pillow – 16 Old Coins
  • Compass – 48 Old Coins

These items aren’t particularly cheap to purchase, so you might find yourself farming for some old coins sporadically, given that you might need to make a purchase from the Curiosity shop.

The Old Coins aren’t very hard to find either. You’ll find them as loot spread out all across the map or maybe once you’ve completed a quest. Nonetheless, you’ll need them every now and then.

That’s everything we had regarding the Curiosity Shop’s whereabouts and details in Forspoken. Stay tuned to Frondtech for regular updates and guides for Forspoken and many more! See you all in the next one!

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Last Updated on January 30, 2023

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