Corviknight Weakness in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Corviknight weakness scarlet violet – Out of all the Pokemon that have returned from the Gala region, Corviknight is one of those who has made its return in Generation 9, on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that was released on the 18th of November, 2023 and is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

It would seem to be a little difficult to figure out at first what the type of the Pokemon is. When you look at it or check out its previous forms, you might believe it is a dark type. However, this isn’t true. So, here is a guide on all about Corviknight, from its weaknesses up to how you can face and counter this Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

Corviknight Weakness in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Corviknight is, in reality, a steel and flying type Pokemon. So if you keep this in mind, then the only weakness it can have is against fire and electric types.

Corviknight Weakness in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

This Pokemon might even seem to be extremely strong as it hardly has any weaknesses, however, those are the common types that people usually tend to contain in their own team’s composition. 

Talking about its stat distribution, this Pokemon has, let’s say, decent Defense and HP stat. It is more like a tanky Pokemon with various purposes like stalling, support, and status harassment and is therefore used for such. 

Corviknight Counter

Basically, the thing that we recommend you do is that you make use of a Pokemon that has a decent yet good Sp Attack and Defense stat, like a Skeledrige.

Corviknight has comparatively lesser Sp Defense if you compare it with the Defense stat that is high, so the thing is that it can easily be taken down with the use of special attacks. It is also very slow. You may even have priority over it often when you see it in terms of the move order. 

As previously said, Corviknight can be easily mistaken by anyone to be a dark type. This also takes credit from the fact that it can learn the moves of the dark type. Unless and until you battle with the use of this particular Pokemon, this Pokemon is only going to know dark, flying type, and steel moves. 

That is all there is to know about Corviknight weaknesses in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Last Updated on January 9, 2023

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