Complete Insurance Fraud Minigame in Saints Row 2022

Games like Saints Row and GTA make us feel like Complete gangsters committing and covering up one of the drastic crimes we have done in the city. And the new Saints Row reboot features an Insurance Fraud Minigame. It is an enjoyable task, and doing so will also earn you in-game money.

The much anticipated GTA Clone franchise is back with an all-new edition of Saints Row. The game is an open-world video game set in the fictional city of Santo Ileso. It is a 2022 reboot of the original Saints Row series. The game was published by Deep Silver and developed by Volition. Since the game is an open world, you are free to roam around the world and the nearby dusty badlands either on foot or on a vehicle, including cars, helicopters, bikes, etc.

Saints Row, as we all know, is filled with crimes you can commit and participate in. You will have to cover crimes like car theft, murders, and scraping off high-end vehicles to earn money. One such crime activity you can pursue in the game is Insurance Fraud.

However, the other criminal activities or minigames will make you go around the city. But with the Insurance Fraud activity, you can quickly complete it by walking around the area.

So this article will guide you on how to beat Insurance Fraud Minigame in Saints Row 2022.

How to unlock Insurance Fraud Minigame in Saints Row 2022

To unlock the Insurance Fraud minigame, you must first open the headquarters. You will be able to unlock it once you complete the Take me to Church mission. As soon as you unlock the headquarters, you will be able to get access to the Empire Table. With the base under your control, you are ready to deploy several different ventures in the city, so your gang can make money.

shady oaks placement on the map

Deploy these Shady Oaks Criminal Venture anywhere you think on the map, and you will have access to the Insurance fraud minigame. Remember completing these minigames will let you earn cash, outfits, and other items. The symbol for Insurance Fraud Minigames will be marked as “a person getting hit by a car” icon on the map.

How to complete Insurance Fraud in Saints Row 2022

Once you start with the game, you will see your targeted dollar amount on the left side of the screen. The main tactic of this minigame is to get in front of a moving vehicle or traffic until and unless you have reached the targeted dollar amount from 0 for the damages taken in, and make sure you do this within a specific time frame.

Insurance Fraud

Once you get hit by moving traffic, you will launch yourself up into the air, and by doing so, it will cause the Adrenaline meter to fill up. The dollar amount in the top left corner shows how much you have collected for the damages. You will be able to get more dollars as more and more cars hit before the timer runs out. Remember that every time a vehicle hits you, you will have to stand up again, and it’s entirely your choice whether you want to do it manually or automatically. Doing so will earn you a multiplier as well.

Once you increase your multiplier, you will be able to earn more dollars as well. Lying down on the ground brings you more multiplier points, ending when you stand up. Once you have filled up the Adrenaline meter, it will activate automatically. During your Adrenaline mode, any vehicle that crashes into you will explode, launching you higher in the air. This will help you get more dollars for the damages incurred, and as with all other games, this adrenaline will last as long as the meter has juice left in. You must continue doing it until you have reached your target amount.

So this was all about how to unlock and complete Insurance Fraud in Saints Row 2022.

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Last Updated on August 26, 2022

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