Close To The Sun Savegame Location – Where Are My Saves

If you are here to know where your saves or savegame files of the recently launched Close To The Sun are then we have got you covered. Here is where you can find your Close To The Sun saves or savegame files:

Where are the Close To The Sun Saves Located?

  • You can find your Close To The Sun saves on this location : C:\Users\Your Username\Local\ctts\saved\SaveGames

  • You can also type ‘%Appdata%‘ on your Windows search bar and you will directly land on the ‘Roaming‘ folder which is inside the AppData folder. Just go back to AppData folder and you will notice the Local folder there.

[Note: Make sure that you have checked ‘Hidden items‘ from Windows ‘View‘ settings. Otherwise, the AppData folder won’t be visible]

You are good to go!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on March 17, 2024

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