Clementine Location in Stray

The adventure game Stray was created in 2022 by BlueTwelve Studio and released by Annapurna Interactive. The game, which was formerly known as HK Project, was made available for Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in July 2022.

It tells or narrates the tale of a stray cat that, after accidentally entering a world full of robots, machines, and predatory microorganisms, must find its way back to its family.

I’ve personally played the game myself and would definitely recommend it, moreover, Critics have given the game the possible most favorable reviews.

The “adventure” genre of games usually contains a ton of puzzles, not a bad thing although this could prove to be very tedious. In this particular plot, Zbaltazar will want you to find Clementine so that you can continue your quest once you meet him in Antvillage.

But doing so could prove difficult, especially when you first go to Midtown, as goes with any other challenge in this game, to be honest.

Merely because of the lack of hints, or let’s say complicated/ hard-to-get hints. When you reach midtown, the first store on the right gives you a lead, but it’s ambiguous (again) and can send you in circles. So finally here’s how to locate Clementine in Stray in a nutshell.

Where to find Clementine in Stray

To find Clementine, you must first leave the Antvillage to begin this expedition of yours.

After coping up with Zbaltazar, just keep going up until you reach the top, where there is a drainage pipe with a hole in the wall. This path leads all the way to midtown itself.

Once you arrive at mid, look at the first sign, and then use B-12, access/inspect the picture of Clementine, then turn the picture around to see the address and flat number.

Clementine can be found in that particular building, and a sign for her flat can be found explicitly at the back of the picture.

Clementine Location - Stray

As soon as you arrive at the structure with the robot and music cassettes under the tree. Look for an apartment on the second level that has the aforementioned sign, and that’s pretty much it.

That is how you could make your way to Clementine’s apartment, pretty easy, right?

That’s all we’ve got regarding Clementine’s apartment in Stray.

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Last Updated on July 25, 2022

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