Chambers of Secrets Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Chambers of secrets location Hogwarts Legacy – If there’s a whole movie based on and named after this specific part of Hogwarts Castle, you’ll want to know more about it. This is the Chamber of Secrets, and in the movie, Harry Potter discovers the chamber of secrets and eventually all of Lord Voldemort’s conspiracies, only to finally save Hogwarts Castle. It is inferred from the Harry Potter novels that the Chamber of Secrets is a very iconic place, and you should probably pay it a visit.

Hence, in this article by Frontech, we’ll be guiding you with where you can find the Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy. Keep reading to learn more!

Chambers of Secrets Location in Hogwarts Legacy

Chambers of secrets location - Hogwarts Legacy

As the location of the Chambers of Secrets has already been revealed in the novels, you might have a rough idea as to where it is. But for the people who aren’t aware of the same, this secret compartment of the Castle can be found beneath the castle itself.

There are two ways to access the same, the first one being the conventional way that has been mentioned in the books, which is the entrance that can be found in the girl’s bathroom on the second floor. You don’t have to follow the conventional way, though. We’ve found another way for you. The same is using the lower grand stairway to reach the chamber quickly by not having to walk as much. 

Once you’ve followed either of the aforementioned ways, just take a right turn and walk towards the hallway that curves towards the left. Upon following the same, you’ll come across two doors, the first being the boys’ bathroom and the second being the girls’ washroom. The final pathway could be found beneath the sink of the Girl’s bathroom. 

Another thing you should probably know is that even if you make it to the Chamber of Secrets, you won’t be able to enter the same, as of right now, at least. We don’t really know if it’ll ever be accessible, and the fans have a theory for the same that only the one who knows the language of the snakes “Parseltongue” is the true heir of Slytherin and can access the Chamber of Secrets. 

That’s all we had on the Chamber of Secrets location in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Last Updated on March 14, 2023

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