Call Of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare – How to get Victory Lap blueprint

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Victory Lap – Wondering how you can unlock the Victory Lap in COD MW? Don’t worry we got you.

Call Of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare – How to get Victory Lap blueprint

The Victory Lap is an Epic or Purple Handgun Blueprint for the .50 GS or the Desert Eagle in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The Blueprint can be obtained via Multiplayer Missions which means you need to first activate the specific Multiplayer Mission that has the Victory Lap as the reward. Then you can proceed with the objectives.

In order to activate the mission you need to:

  • Go to either Multiplayer mode or Co-op mode
  • Click on Barracks which you will notice just beside Operators
  • Inside Barracks select Multiplayer Challenges
  • Now you will see two options: Daily Challenge and Missions
  • Click on Missions
  • Scroll down until you see the legendary mission called Pistoleer
  • Activate it

[Note : The Mission is not tied to the Battle Pass]

Victory Lap – Attachments

Muzzle Oil Can Suppressor
Optic VLK 2.5x Optic
Trigger Action Lightweight Trigger
Rear Grip Rubberized Grip Tape

How to get Victory Lap in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Here are the objectives that you need to complete in order to get the Victory Lap Blueprint for .50 GS :

Objective 1

Get 25 Eliminations with the X16

Rewards : 2500 XP, Warped Sticker

Objective 2

Get 2 Eliminations in a single life with the 1911 10 times

Rewards : 3000 XP, Punked Emblem

Objective 3

Get 30 Eliminations using the .357 with 3 attachments

Rewards : 4000 XP, Checkmate Spray

Objective 4

Get 25 Eliminations in Domination using the M19

Rewards : 5000 XP, Knight Honor Emblem

Objective 5

Get 30 Eliminations in Ground War while using the .50 GS

Rewards : 6000 XP, Thunder Globe Calling card

Objective 6

Get 2 Headshot Eliminations with a pistol in a single life

Rewards : 7500 XP, Victory Lap Epic Handgun Blueprint

A total of 6 objectives you need to complete if you want to unlock the Victory Lap Blueprint.

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Last Updated on February 16, 2020

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  1. Would like to know why my kills arent registering? Using the m19, on regular and hardcore domination. It went up to 12 and then it stopped counting for some reason

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