Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War – How to Activate the Pack-A-Punch Machine in Firebase Z in Zombies

This guide will show how to get power in order to turn on the Pack-A-Punch Machine in the Firebase Z Zombies Map.

How to turn on power and activate the Pack-A-Punch Machine in Firebase Z in Cold War Zombies

How to activate Pack-A-Punch

  1. As soon as you spawn inside the Firebase Z map, go and talk to Ravenov. He is very easy to find as he will always have an indicator on the map and your screen
    Black Ops Cold War - Zombies - Firebase Z - Ravenov
  2. Talk to him. You will notice that the Pack-A-Punch machine is located right outside his booth
  3. Now after you are done talking, look for the Teleporter. Don’t worry, it also has an indicator. Entering the portal requires no money or points
  4. Take the Teleporter and you will find yourself in a completely different location [Note : I would recommend that you collect around 5000-6000 coins or points before moving further. As you will be opening a lot of doors with them]
  5. As soon as you land in this location, you will see 3 more indicators pointing towards 3 different spots
  6. Those 3 locations are where the Aether Reactors are
  7. You need to turn on these 3 Aether Reactors one by one
    Black Ops Cold War - Zombies - Firebase Z - Aether Reactor
  8. Go to the left one first, activate is, and it will spawn two Collection Units nearby
  9. Your job is to protect these Collections Units from the Zombies and feed them the Souls of the Zombies by eliminating them near these units
  10. You will notice a Charge Bar and a Damage Bar on the left side of your screen
  11. Fill up the Charge Bar to the maximum level and try to keep the Damage Bar as low as possible
  12. Once the Charge Bar is full, the Aether Reactor will release a pulse wave. And that is how you will know that it is on now
  13. The Vending Machines connected to that particular Reactor will get activated as well
  14. Do the exact same thing with the other two Aether Reactors
  15. After you are done, take the Teleporter that you took in the first place
  16. Go and talk to Ravenov behind the glass and upon interacting with him, the pack-a-punch machine will automatically turn on, allowing you to upgrade your weapon damage and add an effect to your bullets.

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Last Updated on February 4, 2021

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