Borderlands 3 – How to get Unforgiven [Updated]

After covering the Scourge, it is now time to take a look at the Unforgiven. Here is where you can get it.

Borderlands 3 – How to get Unforgiven

Unforgiven – Weapon Description

The Unforgiven is a pistol of the Legendary or Orange rarity in Borderlands 3. Despite being a pistol, it doesn’t act like one. Most of the pistols from Jakobs are known to have very high fire rate but not the Unforgiven. This pistol has a very slow fire rate and pretty average damage but what makes the Unforgiven so special is the critical hit damage on this weapon.

The Unforgiven pistols come with very high critical damage. The damage percentages can reach up to 420% which is the highest in this game. This weapon acts more like a sniper rifle and less like a pistol. If you are good at hitting headshots then this is the weapon for you.

The real potential of this pistol comes out when paired with the Scourge though. You can literally bring down bosses in just one shot with the Scourge and Unforgiven combo. Here is a video showing how powerful the combo really is. I shot the Scourge towards the weak point of Graveward and switched to my Trick Unforgiven to make use of the high critical damage of the pistol. And just when the projectiles were about to hit the weak point, I immediately activated my ability to increase the damage to an unimaginable level.

Let us take a look at the description of the Unforgiven. The one I will be showing here is the Trick Unforgiven (Level 50) :
[Note: All the stats given below is exclusive to the Trick Unforgiven. They might vary in case of other prefixes.]

  • Manufacturer : Jakobs
  • Damage : 780
  • Accuracy : 64%
  • Handling : 56%
  • Reload Time : 1.8s
  • Fire Rate : 1.21/s
  • Magazine Size : 6
  • Red Text : It’s a helluva thing…
  • Critical Hit Damage : 384%

Where to find the Unforgiven?

Update : The Unforgiven now has a dedicated drop source. In order to get the Unforgiven you need to go and farm a rare boss called Indo Tyrant. You can find Indo Tyrant at Floodmoor Basin at Eden-6. The boss won’t spawn every time so you might have to try few times. Here is the exact location of Indo Tyrant :

Let me start by saying that the Unforgiven is a World Drop which means it can drop from anywhere. But if you still want some locations to farm for this here they are:


The Graveward is one of the best bosses that you can farm in the game for legendary loot. If  you are at TVHM and Mayhem 2-3 difficulty then you will get a Legendary drop every time. And if you are lucky enough then he might even drop 3-4 Legendaries at a time. This boss has a better drop rate than Tyreen The Destroyer. Here is a video of the Dastardly Unforgiven dropping.


Another way of getting the Unforgiven is by farming the mini boss at Athena, Chupacabratch. If you are already at TVHM then you should have no problem in getting the drop in a couple of tries.

Hoarder Tink

You can also farm the Hoarder Tink at Jakobs Estate in Eden-6. Now a lot of you might say that Gearbox has already patched the Hoarder Tink and it does not spawn every time. Well, there is actually a way to make the Hoarder Tink spawn every time. All you need to do is start Borderlands 3 via the Epic Launcher without being connected to internet. If you didn’t know, you need internet connection to start Epic Games Launcher but you do not need internet to play Borderlands 3. Without internet the game will start at Local mode and this is what you want. On offline mode the Hoarder Tink spawns every time. Kill the tink, quit to main menu, start again, repeat. Here is the location of the Hoarder Tink:

Once the farm is done you can turn on your internet connection and refresh your Epic Launcher by visiting the Store page so that you do not face any problem with cloud saving.

[Note: We would highly recommend to create a backup of your save files. You can find your Bl3 saves at this location : My Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/SaveGames. Just copy the entire folder inside SavedGames and paste it somewhere else.]

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on December 7, 2019

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