Borderlands 3 – How to get the Mind-Killer shotgun

Here to know about the Mind-Killer and where to find it in Borderlands 3? Don’t worry we got you.

Borderlands 3 – How to get the Mind-Killer shotgun

What is the Mind Killer?

The Mind-Killer is a Legendary or Orange rarity shotgun in Borderlands 3. It shoots sound waves so if you don’t see pellets coming out of it don’t get surprised. It is one of the earliest legendary loot that you can get in the game. Lets take a look at the description of Mind-Killer. The one that dropped for me was at level 8.

  • Manufacturer : Maliwan
  • Damage : 13×9
  • Accuracy : 57%
  • Handling : 49%
  • Reload Time : 2.4s
  • Fire Rate : 1.38/s
  • Magazine Size : 9
  • Red Text : I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.

Where to find the Mind-Killer?

The Mind-Killer is one of the earliest legendary weapons you will find in the game as it drops from one of the earliest bosses that you will come across in the game. You can get the Mind-Killer from Mouthpiece who is the second boss of the main campaign. But make sure that the boss is at level 10. The first time I fought Mouthpiece he was at level 8 and he didn’t drop anything other than the guaranteed drop you get from him, The Killing Word.

Then I went to fight him one more time and got the drop at the second try. This time he was at level 10. The drop is not that rare and you should be able to find one pretty easily.

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Last Updated on September 15, 2019

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