Borderlands 3: How to get R4kk P4k (Rakk Pak)

R4kk P4k or Rakk Pak is a Class Mod of the Legendary or Orange rarity in BL3. This Class Mod is exclusively for Fl4k and cannot be used on any other character. It is a new Class Mod that came with the Maliwan Takedown update and is one of the best class mods that you can get for Fl4k at the moment.

How to get Rakk Pak in BL3

R4kk P4k – Class Mod Description

The best thing about this Class Mod is that it will encourage players to try builds that do not revolve around Flak’s Fade Away ability. It is pretty obvious that the majority of the Fl4k users don’t normally use anything other than Fade Away. So, in my opinion, this mod will allow them to enjoy something new and fresh without sacrificing much on the DPS part. Now, if we talk about the specialty of this mod, it is obviously for Fl4k’s Rakk Attack! ability. Now with the Flakk Pak mod equipped, if a Rakk of yours hits an enemy, then two more Rakks will spawn, and they will seek out enemies. And the damage each Rakk does with a proper Rakk Attack! build is pretty insane. You would be taking down enemies at Mayhem 4 difficulty with ease. Let’s take a look at the description of the R4kk P4k (Level 50). The one shown here is the Vulpine Tactical R4kk P4k.

Whenever Fl4k’s Rakk hits an enemy, they split into two more R4kk that seek out enemies.

  • Red text: Hail and well met!

R4kk P4k – Drop Location

Now, there are multiple ways of getting this Class Mod in Borderlands 3. The first is one farming Wotan the Invincible at Mayhem 4 difficulty. You can farm Wotan if you want, but I won’t recommend it as he has a ton of other Legendaries in his loot pool, which makes the drop chance of this particular legendary significantly low.

The second one is farming Tink of Cunning at Mayhem 4. Tink of Cunning is the final boss of Proving Grounds – Cunning at Ghostlight Beacon. You can pick up the mission that unlocks the Cunning Proving Grounds from The Splinterlands at Pandora.

The way to farm the boss is to not eliminate the extra enemies around him. Eliminate the boss, and if you don’t get the drop, then down yourself with an explosive weapon or allow the extra enemies to eliminate you. That way, you will respawn and get a chance to fight the boss again.

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Last Updated on April 6, 2024