Borderlands 3 – How to get O.P.Q. System

OPQ System BL3 – Wondering how can you get the O.P.Q. System in Borderlands 3? Don’t worry we got you.

Borderlands 3 – How to get O.P.Q. System

O.P.Q. System – Weapon Description

O.P.Q. System is an Assault Rifle of the Legendary or Orange rarity in Borderlands 3. The weapon arrived in Borderlands 3 with the new event called Revenge of the Cartels. If you ask me, this AR is one of the best weapons you can get in the game and you should definitely farm for it.

So what is so special about the O.P.Q. System? Well, the O.P.Q. System has to be one of the highest DPS weapons in the game. You can deal insane amount of damage under a very short period of time with the Assault Rifle. The weapon is very accurate so you should have no problem doing critical damage and the fire rate is also really good. Also you have 50% chance to do shock explosion damage with every shot.

This weapon has two modes. First is the Assault Rifle mode which allows the weapon to shoot at Full-auto. Second is the O.P.Q. System mode which allows the weapon to spawn clones that hover and shoot the enemies around you.

The O.P.Q. System is great for melting bosses as well clearing rooms. As long as you have a decent build on your character you won’t be needing any other weapon.

Lets take a look at the description of the O.P.Q. System. The one shown here is an Anointed version called the Cost-Effective Optimized O.P.Q. System (Level 50):

  • Manufacturer : ATLAS
  • Damage : 2738×2
  • Accuracy : 50%
  • Handling : 58%
  • Reload Time : 2.3s
  • Fire Rate : 8.58/s
  • Magazine Size : 22
  • Red Text : B.Y.O.B.B

O.P.Q. System BL3 – Drop Location

The good thing about this weapon is that everyone who has the base Borderlands 3 game can farm for this. The Revenge of the Cartels is a free event and you do not need and DLC or Season Pass to play it. The O.P.Q. System can easily be farmed inside the Villa Ultraviolet. You will obviously have to unlock the Villa Ultraviolet by progressing in the Revenge of the Cartels event.

You can get this weapon as drop from normal enemies inside Villa Ultraviolet as well from the new boss called Joey Ultraviolet. Joey Ultraviolet can be found at the end of the Villa. I was playing the game at Mayhem 4 difficulty of Mayhem 2.0 and I got it during my first run.

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Last Updated on May 29, 2020

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