Borderlands 3 – How to get MOARR Linoge

Wondering where to farm for the Linoge in Borderlands 3? Don’t worry we got you.

Borderlands 3 – How to get MOARR Linoge

Linoge – Weapon Description

The Linoge is a Pistol of the Legendary or Orange Rarity in Borderlands 3. It is is one of the best weapons that you can obtain in the game. The Linoge will complement almost every kind of build and loadout. And is highly recommended for the newly arrived Maliwan Takedown activity.

So what is so special about the Linoge? Well, this weapon being a pistol fires four bullets per shot and the fire rate is extremely highly. Crossroads also does similar things but it is not full auto. It is true that the Linoge burns through ammo really fast but that can be easily overlooked as this weapon melts normal enemies and bosses extremely fast as well. On top of that you don’t even have to reload the weapon.

Lets take a look at the description of the MOARR Linoge. The one shown here is Anointed (Level 50).

  • Manufacturer : COV
  • Damage : 535×4
  • Accuracy : 18%
  • Handling : 58%
  • Reload Time : ~3.3s
  • Fire Rate : 8.95/s
  • Shots To Break : ~39
  • Red Text : My name is Legion, for we are many.

MOARR Linoge – Drop Location

The Linoge now has a dedicated drop source and that source is super easy to find. You can farm for the Linoge from the mini boss, Lavender Crawly. Lavender Crawly is located at The Droughts at Pandora. Here is the exact location:

I got the weapon on my second try and that might be because I was at Mayhem 4 difficulty. But you can farm this weapon at even Mayhem 1 difficulty if you want. Here is a video of the Anointed version of MOARR Linoge dropping from Lavender Crawly.

If you think this guide has helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also if you have any addition to make regarding this topic then also you can comment below. Good luck!

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Last Updated on January 14, 2020

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