Borderlands 3 – How to get Legendary loot from the Eridian Fabricator (Gungun)

Did you know you can actually get legendary drops from the Eridian Fabricator popularly known as the Gungun? No? Okay, here is how to do it.

Borderlands 3 – How to get Legendary loot from the Eridian Fabricator (Gungun)

What is the Eridian Fabricator?

The Eridian Fabricator, also known as the Gungun is a gun that shoots guns. But it obviously doesn’t do it for free. You need to have enough resources to get some of that sweet orange goodness. You can check out our full Eridian Fabricator guide to know more about this gun.

Can we make the Gun gun shoot Legendary weapons?

If you are not aware, there has been a huge confusion going on in the community lately. Can the Eridian Fabricator shoot out legendary weapons? The reason for this confusion is, a lot of players who have already obtained the Gungun in Borderlands 3 have already spent thousands of Eridium on the Eridian Fabricator but have failed to get any Legendary drop from the Gun. I myself have spent close to 15000 eridium and all I got was a bunch of green, blue and purple weapons. This is indeed very strange as the Gearbox devs when interviewed clearly mentioned that you can get Legendary weapons from the Gungun.

So, can we actually make the Eridian Fabricator shoot Legendary or Orange weapons? The answer to this is Yes and No. If you have already completed the quest of Typhon DeLeon and got the Gungun then you cannot get legendary weapons from it. But if you are yet to do the quest then you are at luck.

Well, it looks like the Eridian Fabricator can shoot Legendary weapons and its just that we have been doing things wrong. In fact, getting legendary loot from the Gungun is probably the easiest way to get Legendaries. When you meet Typhon DeLeon for the first time after getting quest ‘The First Vault Hunter‘ at Desolation’s Edge, he asks you to “Place Pandora Vault Key”, “Place Eden-6 Vault Key” and “Place Promethea Vault Key”. Here is where he shows you the Eridian Fabricator for the first time. Though you don’t get the Gungun there but he tells you that if you pay him 1 Eridium he will shoot out a gun for you. This is the point you need to stop at. The only way to get Legendary weapons from the Gungun is to make Typhon DeLeon shoot some out for you.

I was just spamming the ‘Pay Eridium‘ button and a Legendary was dropping for me after spending 35-50 Eridium every time consistently. I was surprised to see how efficient this method was. Yes you can get Legendary loot from slot machines but you also need to spend a ton of resources for that. I would highly recommend to do this in TVHM as you get level 50 Legendary weapons.

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Last Updated on September 28, 2019