Borderlands 3 – How to get Infinite Legendary loot – Hoarder Tink glitch

Came here for Infinite Legendaries? Tie you seat belts.

Borderlands 3 – How to get Infinite Legendary loot – Hoarder Tink glitch

What is a Hoarder Tink?

The Hoarder Tink  is a loot tink that you can farm for Legendary gear. You find the Hoarder Tink at Jakobs Estate in Eden-6. It is one of the best methods of farming Legendary loot in the game right now. Here is the location of the Hoarder Tink:

Now a lot of you might say that Gearbox has already patched the Hoarder Tink and it does not spawn every time. Well, there is actually a way to make the Hoarder Tink spawn every time. All you need to do is start Borderlands 3 via the Epic Launcher without being connected to internet. If you didn’t know, you need internet connection to start Epic Games Launcher but you do not need internet to play Borderlands 3. Without internet the game will start at Local mode and this is what you want. On offline mode the Hoarder Tink spawns every time. Kill the tink, quit to main menu, start again, repeat.

Once the farm is done you can turn on your internet connection and refresh your Epic Launcher by visiting the Store page so that you do not face any problem with cloud saving.

[Note: We would highly recommend to create a backup of your save files. You can find your Bl3 saves at this location : My Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/SaveGames. Just copy the entire folder inside SavedGames and paste it somewhere else.]

How to glitch the Hoarder Tink for infinite legendaries

Let me start by saying that this farming method is a very difficult and advanced farming method. You might be able to pull this off in your first try or you might never succeed. Also, if you are new to the game then I would suggest to not try this as you need a specific Legendary Weapon and a very specific version of a Legendary Grenade. Now that all the important stuff has been mentioned, lets start the guide:

  1. Start the game in Offline mode.
  2. Make sure you have a Infinity Pistol in your loadout. You will need a lot of ammo for this.
  3. Make sure you have a Sticky Quasar and it needs to be Homing.
  4. You need to be at TVHM and Mayhem 2-3 difficulty.
  5. If you are traveling to Hoarder Tink’s location from the Fast Travel point then you will notice a bridge just before you enter the location. That bridge has a spawn point beside it. So if you quit and rejoin, you will spawn at the bridge.
  6. Do not just rush to the spawn location of the tink. Stop at the end of the bridge and take some time to eliminate all the enemies and barrels you see nearby. Because if there are enemies nearby then the Sticky Quasar might home towards an another enemy.
  7. After you are done clearing the area, slowly enter the spawn location.
  8. As soon as you step in you will see the Hoarder Tink come out and he will start running in that area.
  9. Try to stick as many Quasars as soon as possible on him.
  10. And if everything goes right then the grenades will toss the tink way up in the sky.
  11. Now the problem is, where he will get tossed is completely random. He might get tossed outside of the map or to a location you cannot reach.
  12. You have to keep trying until he gets tossed and drops to a spot that is accessible to you.
  13. After dropping down if he starts moving again, the glitch is not successful.
  14. The successful result of this glitch is a completely frozen Hoarder Tink.
  15. The Horder Tink has to remain completely frozen when he lands. No movement at all. He will regenerate health and shields though.
  16. He needs to be tossed at a certain height in order for him to freeze or glitch.
  17. After being tossed, if he lands on a easily accessible area completely frozen then you have struck gold.
  18. Bring out the Infinity Pistol and keep shooting one or two bullets at a time at his backpack and make sure that you do not deplete his shields.
  19. He will start shooting out Legendary loot constantly.
  20. You can farm every single Legendary weapon, grenade mod, class mod, artifact and shield that come as world drops in the game.

Here is a video by the YouTuber Glitching Queen. She has brilliantly explained everything:

If you have found this guide helpful then do let us know in the comment section. And if you have anything more to add regarding this glitch then also comment down below. Happy farming!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on October 18, 2019

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