Borderlands 3 (BL3) – How to get Bloom

Bloom BL3 – Looking for the location to farm the Bloom in Borderlands 3? Here is a guide for you.

Borderlands 3 (BL3) – How to get Bloom

Bloom – Drop Location

Bloom drops from The Ruiner on Crater’s Edge at Gehenna. You obviously need to start the Bounty of Blood DLC in order to get access to the mentioned location. Here is the exact location of The Ruiner :

Once you unlock Crater’s Edge, the walk to the location of The Ruiner is pretty short. There is also a save point nearby which will allow you to spawn right in front of the location of The Ruiner every time you restart.

The Ruiner is the final boss of the DLC. So make sure that you are well equipped. I would advise you to go and get the Complex Root Sniper Rifle first. Complex Root will make this farm extremely easy. If you manage to get an Incendiary one then you will be melting The Ruiner with a blink of an eye every time.

Regarding the drop rate of the Bloom, out of 20 runs I managed to get 6. So getting this weapon is not that hard. I was farming at Mayhem 10 on Normal Mode. The only problem is all the 6 Blooms that I got have the exact same stats. I don’t know whether this a bug or this weapon really has a single prefix.

Bloom – Weapon Stats and Description

Lets take a look at the weapon stats of the Bloom (Level 60):


  • Manufacturer : Jakobs
  • Damage : 21016
  • Accuracy : 64%
  • Handling : 57%
  • Reload Time : 2.0s
  • Fire Rate : 10.50/s
  • Magazine Size : 6
  • Red Text : A thorn by any other name would probably still hurt.

Bloom is a pistol of the Legendary or Orange rarity in Borderlands 3. The weapon is a part of the third DLC called Bounty of Blood. And is one of the better Legendaries that this DLC has to offer. So far the Pistols from this DLC have proven themselves to be extremely good. Pistol like the Unkempt Harold, the Beacon and the Gargoyle are really great additions.

The Bloom is an extremely high damage Jakobs pistol. It is a tap-to-shoot but the fire rate is really fast. You can hold the trigger for a second or two to charge Burst Fire shots as well.

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Last Updated on June 28, 2020

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