Borderlands 3 – Rare Spawn Hunt Event guide – All Rare Spawn Locations

Here is a consolidated guide featuring all the rare mini boss or enemy spawns during the Rare Spawn Hunt event in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 – Rare Spawn Hunt Event guide – All Rare Spawn Locations

What is the Rare Spawn Hunt Event?

Gearbox started a month long event in the month of October in Borderlands 3 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series. Lets take a look at the event first:

  • Week 1 (October 1-7) – Bonus boss loot
  • Week 2 (October 8-14) – Rare spawn hunt
  • Week 3 (October 15-21) – Show me Eridium
  • Week 4 (October 22-28) – Mayhem on Twitch
  • Week 5 (October 29-November 4) – Spooky Survive (Bloody Harvest Event)

So the second week of October marks the beginning of the Rare Spawn Hunt Event.

List of all 14 Rare Spawns and their drops

  • Rakkman – Night Flyer Legendary Pistol
  • El Dragon Jr – Unleash the Dragon Legendary Artifact
  • Road Dog – Redline Legendary Shotgun
  • IndoTyrant – Random Customization
  • Force Troopers – Legendary Class Mods
  • Demoskaggon – Legendary Shields
  • The Unstoppable – Band of Sytorak Legendary Shield
  • Thunk & Sloth – It’s Piss Legendary Grenade Mod
  • Maxitrillion – The Horizon Legendary Shotgun
  • Borman Nates – Psycho Stabber Legendary Pistol
  • Princess Tarantella II (2) – Hive Legendary Rocket Launcher
  • Mother of Grogans – Legendary Artifacts
  • Red Jabber – Legendary Grenade Mods
  • Urist McEnforcer – Masterwork Crossbow Legendary Sniper Rifle

Rakkman Location

In order to find the Rakkman you need to head to Carnivora at Pandora.

El Dragon Jr Location

If you want to find El Dragon Jr then you need to go to Jakobs Estate at Eden-6

Road Dog Location

To find Road Dog you need to go The Splinterlands at Pandora.

IndoTyrant Location

In order to find the IndoTyrant you need to visit Floodmoor Basin at Eden-6.

Force Troopers Location

To find the Force Troopers you need to go to the Atlas HQ at Promethea.

Demoskaggon Location

In order to find and fight the Demoskaggon you need to visit The Droughts at Pandora.

The Unstoppable Location

You can find The Unstoppable at Ambermire also located in Eden-6.

Thunk & Sloth Location

You need to go to Konrad’s Hold at Pandora to find Thunk & Sloth.

Maxitrillion Location

Maxitrillion can be found at Voracious Canopy located at Eden-6.

Borman Nates Location

You can find Borman Nates at Meridian Outskirts at Promethea.

Princess Tarantella II 2 Location

Princess Tarantella II can found in The Splinterlands at Pandora.

Mother of Grogans

In order to find Mother of Grogans you need to visit The Anvil at Eden-6.

Red Jabber Location

The Red Jabber can be found at Ambermire at Eden-6.

Urist McEnforcer Location

And finally, you can find Urist McEnforcer in the subways of Lectra City at Promethea.

Those were all the 14 Rare Spawn locations in the Rare Spawn Hunt Event. Let us know in the comments whether this guide has helped you or not.

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on October 8, 2019

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  1. Only place I could find the actual location of the spawns and not just what they drop, thankyou so much no one else has put this info on their websites, frustrating, but now I can farm 🙂 cheers

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