Bleeding Edge – How to Emote

Bleeding Edge how to emote – Wondering how to Emote in Bleeding Edge? Don’t worry we got you.

Bleeding Edge – How to Emote

After Fortnite made Emotes popular, players have been asking for Emotes on every online game they play or plan on playing. Emotes are a fun way to express yourself via your in game character and it is an important aspect of socializing in games as well.

All the fighters in Bleeding Edge have their own set of Emotes. Unfortunately you get access to only a single Emote on every character. But don’t worry as the Emotes on fighters are very different from each other.

If you want to unlock more Emotes then you would have to purchase them via the in-game currency and the prices of them are pretty high. Good thing that they are only cosmetic items and nothing more.

How to use an Emote

In order to Emote in Bleeding Edge just press “T” on your keyboard or the Left directional button on your controller. Most people have not been able to figure out the Emote button because it is termed as “Taunt” in the Input Mapping menu. So if you just go to Options > Input Mapping, you will notice the Taunt option under Communication.

How to unlock Emotes

If you have enough in-game currency then:

  • Launch Bleeding Edge
  • Go to Main Menu
  • Select Workshop
  • Choose a character
  • Click on Emotes
  • Left click and hold on the Emote you want to unlock

You are good to go!

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Last Updated on March 24, 2020

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