Bleeding Edge – How to change Hover Board

Bleeding Edge change board – Wondering how can you change your hover board in Bleeding Edge? Don’t worry we got you.

Bleeding Edge – How to change Hover Board

Boards or Hover Boards in Bleeding Edge are more or less cosmetic items. So no matter what kind of board you use, you won’t get any positive edge over your opponents. Boards in Bleeding Edge exist because normal movement is indeed very slow. You have to use a Board if you want to reach the site of action as quickly as possible after you spawn.

You can also use a Board to get away from a fight but you would probably get eliminated before you spawn one, because the time-to-spawn of Boards are a bit on the higher side. If you didn’t know, you press and hold Z on your keyboard to bring back your Board.

Though your Board would be last thing you would be paying attention on when you are in a match, the game allows you to change it.

How to change Board

Here are the steps to change your Board in Bleeding Edge:

  • Launch Bleeding Edge
  • Go to Main Menu
  • Select Workshop
  • Choose a character
  • Click on Boards
  • And select one of the unlocked ones from the list

The first Board that you will get is The Knife Board. So that will be the only Board available for you. If you want you can unlock more by purchasing them via the in-game currency of Bleeding Edge.

If you want to apply or use a Board of your choice on all the character then just follow all the steps given above and then just press “X” on your keyboard to “Apply to all Fighters“.

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Last Updated on March 24, 2020

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